India greater? Not for Pervez

Mr.President its not an “obsession” its a “Fact”. And don’t talk about problems in India, bigger countries do have a problems but world don’t look at the problems but the way how these bigger countries deal with it. Problem in North East state are far less than you have problems with Jihadi’s and problems in Kashmir is created by you and by your official terrorist but still we got far better image and respect in terms of dealing with problem in our own states. Stop worrying about problems in India, tell the truth to your own people who deserve better and help them to make Pakistan better place for human souls not the terrorist people.

Islamabad, Oct. 24 (PTI): Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf today asked India to shed its “obsession” of being a “greater nation” and its attempt to “dominate” Islamabad.

“I respect the Indian Prime Minister but it is regrettable that India wants to keep its domination in the region and wants Pakistan to be (a) weaker force. India should come out of its obsession of being a greater nation and should talk to us on an equal level,” Musharraf said.

“We would not allow anyone’s interference in our internal matters and neither would we tolerate such things,” he said in an interview to a TV channel.

Musharraf said both countries should refrain from interfering into each other’s internal affairs. India, he said, should set its own house in order before pointing fingers at Pakistan regarding terrorism on its soil and telling others what to do.

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  1. Now I know why the peace talks never work out…What kind of domination is Musharraf talking about? Someone take him to the hospital and get a brain check up done! hhmmppfff

  2. @cotton-Ruhi

    Hehe you right, but who will take him?

  3. Lock him up in a mental asylum instead. What domination is he talking about???

  4. I agree with the dear general. India should shed its “obsession” of being a “greater nation” and its attempt to “dominate” Islamabad.

    Afterall how can India be a greater nation when:
    1. India has an area of just 3,287,590 km² against Pakistan’s 905,478 km²
    2. India has a population of only 1.1 billion against Pakistan’s 165 million
    3. India’s GDP is a mere $3.6 trillion while Pakistan’s GDP is a mammoth $424 billion
    4. India’s per capita GDP is $3,344 and we all know that it’s less than Pakistan’s per capita GDP of $2,706

    General, I agree with you…

  5. Inspite of all this.. the general is shrewd – he does not have to deal with myriad politicians, elections, communists in his country.

    He does deserve a closer look – he talks peace, while goes around sitting with china to plan god knows what, visits UN at the same time does not stop trouble being created out of his own backyard… hoodwinks the world about A Q Khan – now… is he not good at what he is doing?

  6. To pervez- Live and let live

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