Pak daily editorial rejects Musharraf’s call for parity with India

Will Pakistan President Mr.Musharraf understand this, I have doubt. If he really wants peace he should stop terror camps first, talk sense and start some peace-full thinking. Start telling the truths to its own people who deserve truth and only truths….. As editorial reported..

Demanding that Musharraf adopt originality, the editorial says, “We accept that smaller states with weak institutions have a more intense nationalism when they are under the onus of revisionism, but there should be limit to unoriginality.”

“Every general-president who has lost a war to India has said the same thing. Therefore, we should spell out the truth: Pakistan can’t defeat India and can’t wrestle Kashmir by force,” the editorial adds.

“There are many ‘Third World’ things where Pakistan and India are indeed at par. The red tape, the delay of law, the abysmal state of their courts at the level of the lower judiciary, the persistent poverty of the masses, the almost zero level of infrastructure needed for a good modern economy, etc. But India’s size and India’s problems that once made it vulnerable in comparison with Pakistan are slowly disappearing and President Musharraf should worry about this if he feels adversarial these days to boost his image at home.”

India’s growth rate is steadily much higher than the ‘Hindu rate’ it used to have. It is also not dependent on external stimuli like security pacts and jihad against communism from 1950 to 1987 or support to the war against terror after 9/11 to take it out of its troughs.

In fact, its economy looks like dominating Asia together with China in the decade ahead. Its companies are in the multinational race and are buying up first world companies. Its education has always been better, while Pakistan was handing its seats of learning to the clerics and their violent ‘youth wings’.

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  1. It is 1/8 the size of India. How can it be equal ? Unless there will be a major mismatch, India;s economy will be 8 times bigger, and same for other things. The reason that India’s armed wings are not so much bigger is because Pakistan spends a much higher proportion of its budget on defence, money which should have gone to development.

  2. I doubt if editorials will be able to restore general’s to a sane state…

  3. @Ashish

    Very rightly said “t is 1/8 the size of India. How can it be equal ?” Agreed.


    thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views with us. Well if I got doubt only time will tell.

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