Dose for violent husbands: A year in jail, Rs 20,000 fine

Finally India introduced a law to protect Women from domestic violence. Husband who beat, harass or abused their wife’s could be jailed and fined under new Domestic Violence Act 2005. Domestic Violence Act 2005 will recognize all forms of abuse against women in the home, including physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic abuse (Dowries harassment). This is a good step by Government of India, really pleased but I want to know this domestic violence Act 2005 will also be made compulsory for Muslims family also or this law will also have exception for Muslims family? As most of Muslims family especially in villages (Husband mainly) choose to go with Sharia Family Law.

NEW DELHI: Men who beat, threaten or yell at their wives or live-in girlfriends could be jailed and fined under the country’s first law aimed at curbing domestic violence.

The new law, which came into effect Thursday, also applies to men or their families who harass wives for larger dowries. The measure aims to prevent cases in which a husband or his family kills a wife because her family did not give dowry.





The Domestic Violence Act defines abuse broadly, including verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and economic mistreatment. Violators face up to a year in prison, a fine of Rs 20,000 or both.

“We have been trying for long to protect women from domestic violence. In India, around 70 per cent of women are victims of these violent acts in one or another form,” Renuka Choudhury, the Minister of State for women and child development, said.


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  1. This law actually is a retrograde step. Consider this…

    This law equates a live-in relationship with a married relationship. It also, defines the oppression in very generic terms like – mental harrasment, economic harassment, verbal abuse etc. Can verbal abuse be equated with physical violence?

    More than the law (we dont really need more laws.. large number of laws are a indication of poor implementation of existing ones) – the problem is with their misuse. Article 498A has been misused a lot in India, whereby women seeking to take revenge for whatever reason – have got the men arrested on trumped up charges – and police cite the law to arrest the men without any proof whatsoever.

    What we need is Police and Judiciary reforms badly. There are Crores (yes!) of cases rotting in Courts and Policemen are underpaid and laws are all archaic. But out legislators are all for Populist Laws.

    Ms Renuka Chowdhry (Minister for Family Welfare etc…) says this is a Diwali gift. Pls cut the crap Ms Minister – laws are not gift for anyone. We need them to have a good law and order – never as gifts.

  2. @Apun

    Thanks for highlighting the misuse of Laws. But it doesnt mean that every one mis use the laws. When ever laws has been made, there are people who always find loop holes in it and misuse it. But if we look on broader picture, this law does give some sort of justice to women and will protect women from any sort of abuse. You right the we or our government doesnt impliment the laws proper way, but at the end its duty of public to inform authorities of misuning the law. But tell me how many people does inform authorities when ever they some one misuing the law? If government made a law, then its our duty to look and use the in proper way.

  3. The best example of the lopsidedness of this and 498A(dowry) is that – there is no evidence required. Merely complaining against someone is enough as per this law for the arrest of the husband and ALL of in-laws family. This is unique law with few equivalents in the world. And vicious in nature.

    Read on (request you to actually read these.. and yes this misuse is rampant):

    Just too many people writing about it… there is truth in it.

    Supreme Court of India asks on 14th July, 2006, “whether laws…….are being used as weapons of an assassin to harass and humiliate others instead of being used as a schield against injustice.”
    (full story….

    If this continues – the day is not far when men will refuse to get married – fearing harassment !!!

    The funny thing is – the poor who might need protection – don’t even know of existence of these laws. While for the urban/middle/upper class women.. its party time.

  4. Many such laws have been introduced in the past..have come into “Effect”..but the real challenge is education the people who live in the rural parts of the country. Everything has a positive as well as a negative side. Same goes with this Act. While some women might use it to get reprieve, there will be many others who will misuse it. Even though the Dowry Act prohibited the giving or taking of dowry, we know exactly how successful the Act has been.

  5. All men are criminals by nature …

    all women are by their natural constitution incapable of any wrongdoing whatsoever, unless considered as mothers, sisters, sister in laws, etc. of men

    more at


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