Indian Call centre workers say ‘no’ to unions

Unionizing IT/BPO sector will hamper the growth of Industry. I hope that it won’t happen in India as this will be a back step and it will reduce the growth rate of most booming industry in India. Foreign clients don’t like unionizing the sector because of the fact that it’s just another way to blackmail them. If India wants to keep this industry alive and keep on growing then please reject any move of Left (CPI) to unionize the IT/BPO sector.

Of course I am really happy to see recent survey conducted by C fore shows that almost 53% employees of this sector don’t want to associate with any union as they also believe that this unionizing of IT/BPO sector will hamper the industry growth and could damage the whole reputation of industry.

Call centres wary of trade unions

It is not an obvious combination. The world of trade unions and that of information-technology (IT) services seem light years away. And that is just how most call-centre employees would like it to stay.

Although the majority of call-centre employees feel exploited — particularly by the long hours they put in at the workplace — they are just as clear that they would rather not call in the trade unions. Not yet, at least.

The findings are part of an opinion poll conducted for the Hindustan Times by C fore. Conducted among 374 IT and ITeS professionals in seven cities across India, the poll found that call-centre employees in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai believed it was not yet time for unions. The majority went on to add that the formation of trade unions would, in fact, harm the industry in the long run.

The workers felt most aggrieved about long working hours and, perhaps, odd hours — going to work when most of the neighbourhood was preparing to go to bed or was already in bed. Low pay was another grievance and then the lack of facilities, the bane of any low-cost-high-returns operation. That was the response of 42 per cent of the respondents who felt exploited. The majority, 47 per cent, was happy and would not change anything.

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UK wants to improve image with Muslims

If this report is correct then I do support the government efforts and heartedly appreciate it. In my opinion government is trying hard and has tried hard in past to convince the British Muslim’s that Government or normal public is not against the religion.

Today most of British Muslim is saying that they are not happy with the policies of government, ok fair enough but you don’t bomb the whole country because you not happy with few elected members of parliaments and their decision. Do you?

No body labeled any Muslims as fanatic or extremist, till they don’t bring religion in every way of life. Take a recent example Muslims organization demanded special treatment from government and they said in this following article that “’If you give us religious rights, we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.”

They asked government to let them implement Sharia Law for their own family matters, which is in my opinion is extremism why the hell a non Islamic country, with his own constitution will allow any other law which can threaten the main entity of country “Constitution”? When you live in democratic country you are abide to follow main constitution law, you can’t make your own laws nor can government give any particular faith favor to practice their own religious law which can challenge the main entity of democratic country “Constitution”.

I said it earlier and still want to say that we as resident or citizen of this beautiful country must understand it is not possible for government to make every one happy at a same time. Because it’s a democratically elected government so they go according to simple rule, majority wins. And government policies doesn’t change by terrorist threats, you can’t bow your heads in front of terrorist and criminals. When ever governments of any country make policies, they make it by taking whole picture in their mind of internal and external threats, so that they can provide better and secure place for their own citizen.

I guess it’s a peak time to have a proper debate about this issue, government should do bit more to help these young Muslims to understand how our policies works. We should bring some really intellectual and scholars who understand a lot more about Holy Quran ( not the one who comes in Sharia TV, they bloody don’t agree with each other statements) to tell these people, what Quran says, and help the government to let these people know about UK governments policies and issues.

Muslims leaders should come forward and give proper statements and assure these young and vulnerable people, that government and normal public of this country is with them, they are not isolated and neglected. We need proper Muslims scholars (not moderate or extremists Muslims) to do this job.

Make this country, more safe and secure.

LONDON – The British government would like to change the perception in the Muslim world that its foreign policies are hostile as part of reforms aimed at reducing terrorism, according to Cabinet documents obtained by a newspaper and published Sunday.

The Sunday Telegraph said it had obtained Cabinet documents that suggest the government aim for a “significant reduction in the number and intensity of the regional conflicts that fuel terror activity.” In an ideal world, “the Muslim would not perceive (Britain) and its foreign policies as hostile,” the documents said.

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India Sees Retail as Next Offshoring Opportunity

Retail Industry is going to add new dimension in India off shoring Industry, thanks to big boom of retail industry in India itself. Many retail giants are looking to cut their cost and it’s a fact in today’s competitive world every one wants to save even single penny. Retail industry are not only looking towards India for sourcing cheap goods but also for outsourcing some of their core function like Finance, Administration and Supply Chain Management.

Offshoring is all set to take on a new dimension, thanks to the retail boom in India. Retail giants are looking at India, not just for sourcing goods, but for outsourcing their core processes. The retail offshoring business is set to double in the next couple of years from around US$500 million currently.

Leading international retailers, who have looked at India as an offshoring destination for traditional back and front office processes — HR, finance and customer support — are increasingly discovering the country as “hot” for their core processes too.

These include merchandise planning, training, supply chain and loyalty program management, store administration and customer analytics. Says Arvind Singhal, chairman, Technopak, “As global retail biggies set foot here, they would gradually start offshoring niche processes to India from their established bases. This is still at a nascent stage, though.”

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Rangeela babe on manhunt!

Do you dare to Crack this cookie?

She is single and really desperate to mingle! Rangeela babe Urmila Matondkar is sick of of answering queries related to her single status. So, now the lady is on hard-core manhunt…literally.

‘My friends can’t be lovers!’

“See, I have lots of friends and colleagues. But unfortunately some of them are married, some are engaged and some are gay. Now whom should I get married to? I don’t want to take this blame of breaking anyone’s house. I can’t even think of it. Neither do I want to marry a gay. Though I don’t have any personal problem with my company yet I am left with no choice,” complains Matondkar.

No boyfriend leads to embarrassment!

“Also I find it very difficult to answer when I am asked why I am single yet. I don’t have any reason except this that I don’t have any boyfriend and I am looking for someone.

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Normal man spends about six months of his life in gazing opposite sex

So what’s your favorite pastime? Research shows that Men’s favorite pastime is ogling at women. Normal man spends about six months of his life in gazing opposite sex. As far as I know, I guess most of the women do like attention so nothing wrong in it.

Men spend maximum time ogling at women!

It may be a furtive glance or an impudent glare, but most men would vouch for the fact that their favourite pastime is sizing up women, and now a research has revealed that an average man spends six months of his life leching at the opposite sex.

He takes a sneak peek an average of eight times a day for up to two minutes at a time.

Girls also check out men but they are subtler at around twice a day for just 90 seconds.

According to a survey by internet firm Buy , while men’s obsession with women’s busts makes their eyes inadvertently turn towards them before roving to their behind and legs, women are more drawn towards a man’s eyes.

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