Normal man spends about six months of his life in gazing opposite sex

So what’s your favorite pastime? Research shows that Men’s favorite pastime is ogling at women. Normal man spends about six months of his life in gazing opposite sex. As far as I know, I guess most of the women do like attention so nothing wrong in it.

Men spend maximum time ogling at women!

It may be a furtive glance or an impudent glare, but most men would vouch for the fact that their favourite pastime is sizing up women, and now a research has revealed that an average man spends six months of his life leching at the opposite sex.

He takes a sneak peek an average of eight times a day for up to two minutes at a time.

Girls also check out men but they are subtler at around twice a day for just 90 seconds.

According to a survey by internet firm Buy , while men’s obsession with women’s busts makes their eyes inadvertently turn towards them before roving to their behind and legs, women are more drawn towards a man’s eyes.

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  1. ROFL…this is funny! where do you manage to find this stuff from??!

  2. I do it all the time. Glad to hear I’m normal in that sense ;D

  3. @Cotton

    Hmm this is secret lol. Well normally I look on new papaers to find some thing interesting so If I find some I try to share with every one:)


    You not normal lol, becuase normal man do it six months of whole not whole of life:)

  4. That makes me more of a man then *smug*

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