India surprises with 9.2% growth

Good News for Indian’s India’s economic growth unexpectedly accelerated to 9.2 percent last quarter. The expansion reported by the Central Statistical Organisation in New Delhi today was faster than the 8.9 percent predicted by economists for the three months ended Sept. 30 from a year earlier.There are 700 million Indians under the age of 30, This makes India an economic threat to all the other countries in the world. These 700 million young Indians will hopefully build India as the Economy Super Power of the world.

India put on an unexpected spurt of growth in the last quarter fuelled by sharply rising consumer credit and government spending, increasing the prospects that the central bank will raise borrowing costs for the fourth time in a year.

The economy, Asia’s second-fastest growing, expanded 9.2 per cent in the three months to September, according to provisional data released on Thursday by the Central Statistical Organisation.

It was the sixth quarter out of the past seven in which gross domestic product growth has exceeded 8 per cent and among the strongest quarterly rises India has recorded, adding to fears of overheating, particularly in the red-hot property sector

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India’s Muslims feel unwanted, hurt by terror tag

India’s minority Muslims feel they are seen as unpatriotic and need to constantly prove they are not “terrorists”, according to a study ordered by the prime minister said on Thursday.

Report said “They carry a double burden of being labelled as ‘anti-national’ and as being ‘appeased’ at the same time,”

So question has to be asked why even most secular people feels that time is running out for religious integration? Why Muslims in India loosing sympathies from non Muslims? Why non Muslims in India and also all over the world feel that Muslims are creating closed society for themselves? Why the Muslim community was “excessively sensitive to criticism” and “unwilling to engage in substantive debate”. Does it is all fault of government policies? India where 90% percent of Muslims are Hindu converts, why in recent years started feelings that they are unwanted in their own nation and motherland?

I know many Muslims who swear by India and secularism, not Islam; the truth is also that, worldwide, Muslims appear to be firming up in their belief that their faith is more important than their nationality. That Islam is more important than India or UK or Saudi Arabia or any nation.

Take recent example of some Imams statements, about National songs, fatwa for killing cartoonist; these are few reasons why people are losing faith. We need proper debate if we really want to create a pure secular society. Unless government and leading religious leaders of every community don’t make any right move and start debating about this issues then for sure one day we will have two societies left one is Islam believers and other Non Islam believers, like decade ago we had witnessed pro communist and non communist society.


NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s minority Muslims feel they are seen as unpatriotic and need to constantly prove they are not “terrorists”, a study ordered by the prime minister said on Thursday.

“They carry a double burden of being labelled as ‘anti-national’ and as being ‘appeased’ at the same time,” the report, which was presented to parliament, said.

India’s ruling Congress party, which proudly flags its pluralist identity, has been accused by opposition Hindu nationalists of “appeasing” the country’s 138 million Muslims, who make up over 13 percent of the population.

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From Hero to Zero Downfall of Indian Cricket Team Continue!

We seem to follow the path of self destruction instead of establishing a momentum of winning. What happened to our last world cup finalist’s heroes? We had showed our character at same place only few years ago where we reached world cup final without having any serious trouble. Indian cricket team who had does some fabulous things in past has now forgets how to win, and players are not showing the stomach to fight. Individual become shadows of their former shelves.

It’s hard to believe that Indian cricketers who reached last world cup finals changed so much from superb team to second rate team.

Watching recent loosing trends of Indian cricket team in South Africa is absolutely heartbroken. Finalists of last world cup were unrecognizable. It was a performance of haunting incompetence.

Many tabloids and media started blaming the Indian coach, but for me there is nothing wrong with coach or his cricketing technicalities but the problems were and are in the minds of the players. They have lost self confidence and lost the appetite for winning matches and trophy.

The character and confidence which we had showed few years ago has been lost. When we were on our peak we forgets established a pattern of self believe and winning appetite. We created a momentum of our own down fall.

For me it doesn’t have to be this way. Indian team at least on papers is one of the best team in world but on fields I can’t find words to describe. Instead of carrying a momentum and character we had showed in last world cup and established our dynasty and dominance in cricket stage we gone towards disaster.

The nightmare is unfolding and Indians players collectively need to put a stop to it. Blaming coach or back room staff is not going work or finding any other excuses for loosing matches will put more misery for Indian team as well followers of Indian cricketers. Indian players need to rebuild their own self believe and confidence and come out in field with an appetite of winning the match.

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Qaeda says Pope wants to pull Turkey from Islam-Web

I still don’t understand why can’t these people use some brains and appreciate some one else work too.

DUBAI, Nov 29 (Reuters) – Iraq’s al Qaeda wing on Wednesday condemned Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey as part of a crusade against Islam aimed at pulling Turkey away from the Muslim world.

“The visit of the Pope in reality is meant to add momentum to the crusader campaign on the land of Islam after the failures of crusader leaders,” the al Qaeda-led “Islamic State in Iraq” said in a statement posted on the Internet. It said his visit to the predominantly Muslim country was “an attempt to extinguish the flame of Islam among our Muslim brothers in Turkey and to wipe out their Islamic heritage… and to guarantee that they stay in the quagmire of secularism established by … (Kemal) Ataturk”.

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India’s Christians dig deep for graveyard plot

Cemeteries in India are either full or nearing capacity and Christian’s citizens make up less than 2 percent of India’s 1.1 billion people are already casting about for places to bury their dead, Reuters reported. The shortage of burial space is tied to the many factors, government denial to offer more land saying other religious groups would make similar demands, second growth of Christianity in some states of India due to the conversion to some low caste Hindus and third restriction on building a new cemetery due to environmental restrictions. Many people are forced to pay fortune to book a plot for the family members and for themselves too. Like in Bihar one of the most poorer state of India asking people to donate up to 60,000 rupees to reserve plots. So for now, that’s the sorry state of affairs in India.

KOLKATA, India (Reuters) – India’s Christians are running out of space to bury their dead, leading some to pay small fortunes to book their final resting place in a relative’s grave.

Churches are asking people to empty remains from graves of family members who died more than 25 years ago and store them in specially created vaults, a senior official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India told Reuters.

“We foresee a major crisis across India and are asking people to empty graves and shift the remains,” said Donald H.R. De Souza, a former deputy secretary general of the conference.



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Ultimate Video in Martial Arts!!! Via Youtube

Ultimate Video in Martial Arts!!! I had received this video via email so sharing with you guys. Its just amazing.

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Top Model in Saud El Arab Via Youtube

This video makes me laugh and wondered if this video is really made in Mecca or its just a joke. Not very sure about it, but this is funny….

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