ICC takes a swipe at under-performing India


ICC pokes fun at losing Indian team

Every now and then, ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed erupts like a volcano. In the worlds of sports and politics, which increasingly become the same things, the hypocrisy of ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed questioning state of the sport in the India and teams results has severely damaged ICC reputation and credibility. He seems to think it goes with the territory; with the office of chief executive of ICC to have go.


In my opinion his statements about India’s sporting credibility is rude and extremely offensive. Someone in his position to brand other sporting body and country as whole un-organized and raising the finger against the players is hypocrisy. I find it bizarre that chief executive of ICC, an organization which has built its huge wealth on the back of BCCI and Indian players, is having a go at BCCI. I guess he got very short memory that BCCI is richest cricketing board and out of six five sponsors of world cup are form India. ICC makes huge money form sub-continents. This shows that we are organized and far better than ICC who can’t even make enough money to survive without the support of BCCI and other sub-continent cricketing board.


ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed, has drool nonsense, spat idiocy and talked rubbish. He is outspoken (even for the position he is in), doesn’t understand cricket and brings the game into disrepute. This time, he’s gone too far…Your statement shows that you are moaning about your failures. Please Do Us and Cricket world a favor Stand Down.

NEW DELHI (AFP) – India’s long-running dispute with the International Cricket Council (ICC) flared up after the world governing body poked fun at the losing Indian team.

ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed told reporters the big money that Indian cricket managed to generate due to its vast television audiences did not reflect the true state of the sport in the country. Speed also took a swipe at the Board of Control for Cricket India (BCCI), saying he judged sporting organisations by on-field performances and infrastructure, not on how much money they had in the bank.

“I judge them on how well the team performs, how they look after stake-holders in terms of facilities on the ground etc, and how well they use resources like population to produce great cricketers,” said Speed on Wednesday.

The BCCI, the richest cricket body in the world which this year signed deals worth a billion dollars, is on the warpath with the ICC over handing over players’ commercial rights to the governing body.

India has refused to sign the Members Participation Agreement (MPA) of the ICC in its current form which binds teams to all major events for the next eight years, saying it affected the BCCI’s own deals.


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  1. He is right to an extent. We don’t have any good players in the side who can carry the team out of a crisis. If two players fail, the whole team crumbles. But somehow, we still manage to generate money with the poor performance of our team!

  2. Probably this was provoked by BCCI acting like a Big Boss – just because it has some money. BCCI should indeed function with ICC, not boss around. It is wrong to say though that BCCI is bossing around – it is the indian politicians who take control of such organizations – start doing this… thats what they have done all their life.

  3. HI

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