Study anticipates boom in outsourcing over the next decade

Recent study by Hackett Group says that outsourcing will be on boom in the next decade. Many US companies will outsource their jobs in order to save more money and cut expenditure. According to study Fortune 500 companies could potentially save $58 billion annually, or some $116 million per company, by offshoring general and administrative jobs.

CHICAGO — Job losses in the United States from outsourcing, already a touchy political issue, could mushroom in the next decade as companies shift hundreds of thousands more professional white-collar jobs offshore, according to a new study.

Fortune 500 companies could potentially save $58 billion annually, or some $116 million per company, by offshoring general and administrative jobs, according to the Hackett Group, a strategic advisory firm. Hackett will formally issue the study next week.

The study estimates that increased use of cheaper overseas labor could affect up to 1.47 million back-office jobs over the next decade, or nearly 3,000 at a typical Fortune 500 company. And the jobs under review will go far beyond call centers.

“People have become more confident in the analytical capabilities of the overseas staff, and that is expanding the profile of the kinds of jobs that are under consideration,” Wayne Mincey, the Hackett Group’s president, told Reuters from Atlanta.

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  1. wow this is good news for people in this field… but i hope the politicians don’t mess this up…

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