Muslims may join Holocaust Day

Finally Some one talking Sense?….

SENIOR members of the Muslim Council of Britain are planning to end its boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day, The Times has learnt.

Members of the council will meet next month to vote on whether to rescind the boycott.

Increasing numbers of moderates on the council believe a boycott is no longer tenable. One senior insider said there was an increasing likelihood of the boycott coming to an end because it risked doing more harm than good to Britain’s 1.6 million Muslims.


The proposal has the full backing of Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, the council’s new secretary-general, who said a small committee of the council was working on a proposal to put before the 70-member central working committee in December.

“I want Holocaust Memorial Day to be inclusive,” he said. “If the words ‘Never again’ are to have any meaning, it has to be inclusive.”

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  1. Never made much reason to have a boycott to begin with but it is never too late to change.

    Even if one dislikes what Israel / Jewish people, the Holocaust was such horrific thing so Never again is something that everyone should be able to agree to.

  2. Some sense prevails. Finally.


    A Hyderabad based urdu newspaper siasat editor mr amir ali khan and mr mazhar and mr alamdar were involved in a sex racket today as exposed by MIM floor leader in the state assembly in which a young girl was sold to alleged sex racket after being brought in a trap by offering her a scholarship and then taking her to a farmhouse and raping her which are seirous offenses and even forcing her parents not to file a police complaint and threatnig them with dire consequences.Even the National Law Trust has sent a letter dated on 14-09-2006 signed by its Chairman Mr Khalid Nishu to all the Newspaper editors to take up the story as it damages the reputation of the media and the victim Mrs Mariam Fatima had even met the President of India seeking justice and the State Home Minister has appointed a team led by deputy Commissoner of police Mr Madhu Sudan Reddy IPS to investigate the case as promised by the Minister in the Assembly .

  4. @Lizze

    You right, for me it’s hard to understand how anyone can deny Holocaust? It was one of most horrific tragedy world has ever witnessed. Denying Holocaust for me it shows you got no respect for human values, what ever religion you belongs to.


    200% right Some sense prevails. Finally.

  5. Yeah ekwaaz Some ..sense.. and that makes me think is their something fishy about it. And Moderates … ummm ..i donno till when they wd rule the roost.

  6. Ekawaaz***

  7. Better sense seems to have prevalied.

    Thanks for your concern. I was not well.

  8. Better sesnse seems to have prevailed.

    Thanks for your concern. I was not well.

  9. @Jay

    thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Well let see I dont want to judge so soon only time will tell if they been honest in thier comment and work.


    You been missed hiren, hope you recovered totally. I am agrred with your comment Better sense seems to have prevalied.

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