Al Qaeda Briton plotted massive blasts

It hard for me to understand how can anyone bomb his own country and kills his own innocent’s citizen, just because he is not happy with government policies. Most of the Muslim is saying that they are not happy with the policies of government, ok fair enough but you don’t bomb the whole country because you not happy with few elected members of parliaments and their decision.

LONDON (Reuters) – A suspected al Qaeda operative watched impassively in court on Monday as prosecutors played shaky hand-held video of the New York Stock Exchange and other U.S. financial targets he has admitted planning to bomb.

Briton Dhiren Barot, 34, pleaded guilty last month to conspiracy to murder in connection with planned attacks in the United States and Britain — the latter including he use of a “dirty bomb” laced with radiological material.

At Monday’s sentencing hearing he watched attentively, jotting on a large notepad, as prosecutor Edmund Lawson played video footage he said was shot in April 2001 on a reconnaissance mission by Barot for the attacks in the United States.

Lawson said the bombings were planned in 2000 and 2001 and apparently shelved after the al Qaeda attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, in which nearly 3,000 people died.

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  1. He did it because he is an Islamic extremist :)). They don’t care about the country they live in, do they? He is an extremist, so no question of him following democracy.

  2. I sometimes wonder, what keeps running in their head … or do they have one … oops!!

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