India no longer seen as “highly corrupt” – watchdog

Good News? We still have long way to go if we really want to abolish Bribe. Happy to hear that India is doing well in elimination of corruption.

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India is no longer seen to be “highly corrupt”, according to the latest survey by watchdog Transparency International (TI), but there is still some way to go before Indians shake the habit of casual bribery.

India was ranked 70 out of 163 nations according to the Berlin-based TI survey, alongside China, Ghana and Mexico.

India came in at 88 out of 159 countries last year. The lower down the list, the more corrupt the country is seen as being.

“Corruption will only go away if the people refuse to bribe,” R.H. Tahiliani, the chairman of TI’s Indian branch, told reporters in New Delhi.

India scored 3.3 out of a possible 10 on the survey scale, with 10 being the least corrupt, marking a small improvement on the last six years where it has averaged 2.8.

Countries with a score below 3 are described by TI as being “highly corrupt”.

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  1. Interesting.. lets hope things get better.

    Is not doing a common man’s job – for which your paid – also corruption? If yes – there is massive doses of it still around. Public Sector – which you need to deal with for your documents, tax, registration – is bad on this count – doing work at snail’s pace.

  2. @Apun

    Thanks I also hope thing will get better soon…Keeping finger cross.

  3. I’m sceptic about this lol. Lets see how it is after a few months πŸ˜›

  4. I think this is more because our contact with government related folks is reducing. No more dealing with government housing bodies, phone department, and so on. As this keeps on reducing and alternatives to govt run things happen in the private sector, the potential for bribes will reduce.

  5. I agree with Ashish. The best way to reduce corruption is to privatise as mant govt functions as possible, and move from a mixed economy to a capitalist economy.

  6. Ashish/Ajay> Very True. That explains it in many ways.

  7. If India is not number 1.. then i m what the state of Finland would be.. :-D.. and shocking news was singapore on number 2…

  8. That shows that India is not as bad as some of us make it out tobe. Guys. let’s be proud Indians. Having transparent and honest President and Prime Minister (we all know their limitations, though) is starting to show results. πŸ™‚

  9. @Slim

    Dont be sceptic about this, it shows India is not that bad We are improving and I am sure we will get rid off of this eveil “corruption.


    very well said man, 200% agree.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. I am agree with your this statement “That shows that India is not as bad as some of us make it out tobe. Guys. let’s be proud Indians”. Proud To Be Indian..

    Lol, No idea about Finland…:)

    Yeah true mate.

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