Muslims excluded from India’s spy agency – report

Leaked excerpts of report says that India has not been recruiting Muslims in RAW (India’s external intelligence) agency since 1969, and Sikhs has not been recruited in SPG (Special Protection Guards top elite force for the protection of top leaders in India). India current Prime Minister is Sikh and President is Muslims, so this report is quite disturbing for secular India. As far as I can see the reason for Muslims non recruitment in RAW is because of many fear that they might have soft corner with arch rival Pakistan and Sikhs who were used to be high on SPG protecting top leader of country till 1984 have lost faith after the assassination of Late. Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi. She was assassinated by her own Sikh body guards. But the question is with out including the minorities in top agencies of country, are these agencies working more effectively? In my opinion if we do not include minorities just because of their religion and cast the whole system will become handicap.

NEW DELHI, Nov 6 (Reuters) – There are scarcely any Muslims working in India’s 10,000-strong external intelligence agency, and neither Muslims nor Sikhs working as bodyguards for the country’s top leaders, according to officials and media reports.

Mainly Hindu but officially secular India has its first Sikh prime minister, Manmohan Singh, but his community is not trusted enough to guard him, according to Outlook magazine this week. The magazine said India’s minority Muslims were not trusted by the security apparatus because of fears they could sympathise with the country’s mainly Muslim neighbour and long-time foe Pakistan. It said none had been recruited by the country’s external spy agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), since 1969. The domestic Intelligence Bureau (IB) had decided to recruit Muslims in the l990s, Outlook said, but the organisation still only had a “handful” of Muslim officers. A government spokesman declined to comment on the report.

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  1. This is plain stupid. You have asked the right questions.

  2. It’s not like a Pakistani/muslim infiltrator can’t fake it as a Hindu and get into RAW.

  3. This discrimination must end, else we will end up alienating minorities even more than today.

    I don’t see any reason in excluding sikhs, esp. the terrorism in Punjab ended long long back.

  4. @Apun

    Right just a Plain stupidty, Government must do more else be ready for consequences of this.


    Lol:)Its not easy to apply for RAW or CBI or IB they do proper check and history check.

    You right bro “This discrimination must end, else we will end up alienating minorities even more than today”

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