Westerners outsourcing themselves

For many decades, highly skilled graduates of India’s took jobs in many western countries, helping fuel the high-tech boom. For many years, US firms were wooing India’s computer science graduates with lucrative job offers and a chance to live in USA. Now, it’s India’s turn, many young Westerners especially Americans are discovering India as a land of economic opportunity. Currently, more than 10,000 American expatriates work in India for Indian information technology consulting and other outsourcing firms, a number that is expected to grow. So can we call it start of IND-US civilization?



More Americans are going with the flow of jobs to India, and finding challenge and opportunity!

NEW DELHI — Going halfway around the world for a job that pays about $11,000 a year hardly sounds like a great career move for an Ivy League graduate.

But for Michael Delfs, the chance to work in India and see the country’s economic boom for himself was all the incentive he needed. In August, Delfs, 26, became one of many foreign workers outsourcing themselves to India, following the explosion in jobs in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

“Going to India and actually seeing what was happening seemed like a good idea,” said Delfs, who graduated from Columbia University last spring and estimates he could have made about $100,000 in a job in the West.

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