Muslim lawyer refuses to remove veil during hearing in British court

Here we go again….

LONDON (AP) — A Muslim lawyer refused a judge’s orders to remove her full-face veil during a hearing, lending more fuel to an increasingly contentious debate in Britain over the right of women to wear the garments.

Shabnam Mughal, 27, insisted she had the right to wear the black veil covering everything but her eyes during the immigration tribunal hearing Monday in Stoke-on-Trent, central England. The judge had asked her to remove it, saying he could not hear her.

Judge George Glossop adjourned the case until later in the day, but Mughal again refused to remove her veil when the hearing was reconvened.

“You are clearly aware of my position on the grounds of my religious beliefs. I won’t,” Mughal told the judge, according to Wednesday’s Daily Express newspaper.

Glossop adjourned the hearing until next week to seek a ruling on the veil dispute from the president of his court, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. A tribunal official said the court had never come across such a dispute.

Mughal, a lawyer for the Law Partnership Solicitors in Coventry, is representing a man appealing a Home Office decision to deny one of his relatives a visitor’s visa.

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India recruits beggars to curb spread of AIDS

Brilliant Idea, According to UNAIDS India got 5.7 million people living with HIV-AIDS, the highest figure in the world. If India wants to restrict this figure and hoping to reduce the figure in coming years then she must start similar type of programs in other states too to educate the locals about all the sources of catching this deadly virus. Hope some more Indian states will adopt the similar strategy and start spreading the awareness about this deadly disease.

KOLKATA (Reuters) – Thousands of beggars in eastern India have been recruited to help stem the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus by singing songs and acting in plays about safe sex.

Officials in the impoverished state of Bihar say they want to train many of the state’s estimated 100,000 vagrants to sing songs in trains and buses and beside busy roads, as well as enact street plays about the deadly virus.

“Beggars are great actors and very creative,” Vijay Prakash, Bihar’s welfare secretary, told Reuters. “They always had the skills, but lacked direction which we are giving them and the experiments have so been very successful.”

India has the world’s highest HIV/AIDS caseload with 5.7 million infected people, according to the United Nations AIDS agency. But activists say the true figure may be much higher as surveillance is limited in much of the country.

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Democrats ‘take control of House’

Shocking and Breaking News!


The Democratic Party is on track to win control of the House of Representatives in the US mid-term elections.

The White House conceded the Democrats had picked up the 15 net seats needed to wrest power from the Republicans – for the first time in 12 years.

The Democrats are also projected to have won three of six target Senate seats – but several key races remain too close to call.

Most polls have now closed across the US, with high turnout reported.

The Democrats are projected to win the US House of Representatives in mid-term elections, regaining control for the first time since 1994.

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