Muslim lawyer refuses to remove veil during hearing in British court

Here we go again….

LONDON (AP) — A Muslim lawyer refused a judge’s orders to remove her full-face veil during a hearing, lending more fuel to an increasingly contentious debate in Britain over the right of women to wear the garments.

Shabnam Mughal, 27, insisted she had the right to wear the black veil covering everything but her eyes during the immigration tribunal hearing Monday in Stoke-on-Trent, central England. The judge had asked her to remove it, saying he could not hear her.

Judge George Glossop adjourned the case until later in the day, but Mughal again refused to remove her veil when the hearing was reconvened.

“You are clearly aware of my position on the grounds of my religious beliefs. I won’t,” Mughal told the judge, according to Wednesday’s Daily Express newspaper.

Glossop adjourned the hearing until next week to seek a ruling on the veil dispute from the president of his court, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. A tribunal official said the court had never come across such a dispute.

Mughal, a lawyer for the Law Partnership Solicitors in Coventry, is representing a man appealing a Home Office decision to deny one of his relatives a visitor’s visa.

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  1. The hype that people create out of a little black veil. And how people get so emo when asked to remove it. Sheesh.

  2. It is strange. A clash of cultures, but it is very difficult to support the concept of wearing a veil even when the person in front of you is claiming that it is acting as a barrier to work.

  3. The veil is NOT a pre-requisite for the muslim faith. It is a choice to wear it and to be in a position of law and argue with a judge will only go towards reinforcing the British opinions that the veil should be outlawed. I, for one, am hard of hearing and lip-read. How could I have a conversation with someone when I can’t see their mouth? This stupid, narrow minded little girl needs to grow up and put her training to good use and stop trying to be a political pawn.

  4. @ Slim

    Its just some fanatics who created this hype.

    Vry rightly said.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views, you right mate and also you point. Its just hard now a days to make people understand that their is word called humanity whihc is above of all religion.

  5. I reckon the Australians have it right..

    Live in our coutry you live by our rules..
    You do not like it you are free to leave..

    And yes, I agree with the above,,, it is NOT a religious thing at all..

    Most folk who live in the UK are NOT racist.. but there is a faction of those that follow the Muslim faith that seems determined to divide the country into a them and us culture..
    Well here is on ‘them; that says the same as the OZ PM, you dont like it, please feel free to sod off and let the rest of the UK population get along together

  6. I am a muslim and I can tell u that the veil is definitely not an islamic prerequisite, in fact if anything it is a contradiction to another islamic edict which clearly states that if you live in another country respect that countries traditions, cultures and customs. If this is true then surely the veil which is not an edict is going in the face of that….its very annoying for the vast majority of us muslims when these arrogant factions within our community hog the media limelight and present us constantly in a negative manner, yet the media pays no attention to the rest of us muslims, we keep putting our hands up and saying listen to us, but they wont listen – I dont know why! We want to work with the rest of the community and contribute to it accurately, because we love this country…I wish someone would force that faction within us to leave this country.

  7. if she so believe in wearing the veil, she should be at home and not alone without a man relative. she not allowed to be stranger in court also. does it makes sense? is she really a good muslimin? to be honest, she shouldn’t working also, we can’t recognize who is she anyway.
    and as a lawyer? how she going to get a licence photo? any photo with just 2 eyes?
    can we all do like this? can we demand rights in arab like they do in western countries?
    arab countries treats others as bad as well. i wonder if oils is finished, wat they will do?
    trading sands? or stage a jihad war?
    indonesia is poor country, when they have tsunami disaster, any muslim country helps? is US Navy fast respond to give aid. rich arab send? here some money for family burial? haha
    wat a joke.

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