To you, I’m Your highness,’ insists Indian politician

On what ground do former royals expect special treatment in the Indian democracy? It would not be justified in Republic country. In the 1970s all privileges given to former royals, kings and maharajas also came to an end. Why the hell she thinks she is “Master Race”? In Republic and Democratic country every one is equal that one of the reason governments abolished the Monarchy from India so that every one can be seen as equal, its different matter how far we succeeded in bringing equality in society. As far as I think we are not equal, as long as there are more than 2 people on the planet we won’t get along. Stop beginning to create a “MASTER RACE” in this country. Authority, respect and wealth in the 21st century should be earned, not inherited. No one has power over me by their birth.

‘Her highness’ creates India row

As India approaches nearly 60 years of independence, some of its former royals seem intent on turning the clock back.

One aristocratic politician has even gone so far as to persuade the authorities to rule that she should be addressed as “highness”.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has ruled that the honour should be conferred on Yashodhara Raje Scindia.

She happens to be the state’s tourism minister, and from now on will be known as “shrimant”, meaning “highness”.


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  1. I thought that the 21st century was going to be an era of mother and servant leadership. As for being addressed, she should be addressed as “Her High headedness” inssted of “Her Highnness”. I don’t know why the British,Japenses, Dutch persist with Royalty in the 21st century. Perhaps that is why they get such stupid ideas.

    Even the so called dynasties of political families are undesirable unless backed by ability. One does not mind the late Madhav Rao Scindia because thay guy had class and ability but being addressed as royality is both snobbish and outdated.

  2. Instead of Shrimant yashodra she should be called Shaant Yashodra. The media should rake up and put a stop to this nonsense. It is plain idiotic.

  3. @hiren

    Very well said mate, I am totally agree with you, why hell she want to be called Her Highness. I will never call her, Shrimati is ok or Mrs. Like you said “It is plain idiotic” it is.

  4. As one of my Blogger friend put it “There is no such thing as equality. There will always be someone who has more money, more power, more drugs…” Equality actually means getting an equal opportunity in pursuit of happiness.

    But thats beside the point. She must be having inferiority complex. She has to persuade the authorities to get some respect. What a moron.

  5. In this case, it would be more because of the same party kind of stuff. Imbeciles. This is the age when people are respected because of what they have attained, not because of where they were born.

  6. But this is not surprising given the fact that … people are not being brought/voted to positions of power based on their credentials or performance, but based on their caste/birth and so on and so forth. And this whole idea is being perpetuated by Politicians themselves!

    A Laloo Yadav says – it is not his job to ensure safety of railways. An Abu Salem aspires to fight elections. 1 in every 5 parliamentarians have criminal antecedents.. so a royal title is one of the smaller issues….

    Dynasty politics too should end.

  7. @SLim

    Right She must be having inferiority complex. I am 200% agreed.


    YOu right mate, by saying This is the age when people are respected because of what they have attained, not because of where they were born. She is still living 17th century. Pathetic


    you right saying that royal tittle is one of smaller issue, but I was surprised when I hear this news its shows total disrespect to Republic country. Why the hell she thinks she is from Master Race? If she wants to live in republic country then better follow the rules or move on.

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