‘I’ve failed in love’

But question is why you have failed? Misunderstanding? Too Passiveness? Jealousy? Cheating?


‘My loneliness doesn’t let me down’


I can’t trust people anymore


No love marriage for me


After going through a series of ugly break-ups (Bill Cusack, Sean Teague), Celina Jaitley has changed her opinion on love. And the ‘bikini babe’ also seems bitter as she says “I can’t trust people anymore.” Read on for complete details.

You have had bitter experiences of falling in and out of love. What is it that you have learnt?

I have learnt several lessons after I failed in love – not just one or two. My failure in love has helped me grow as a prudent person. Now, I can’t trust people anymore, especially just on their face values. I have had both sweet and sour memories but the best part is that love has made me a mature person. I think from my head and not from heart because I know thinking from heart gives emotional blows.


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  1. That is strange because heart above head is supposed to be good for major decisions. The head can perhaps filter the decisions made by the heart. As they say, you always fall in love but rise in devotion so first figure out who you are devoted to from both head and heart.

    From another perspective, who cares? It could juat be a publicity stunt.

  2. There are allways two sides two every story…

  3. @Hiren

    Rightly said “fall in love but rise in devotion so first figure out who you are devoted to from both head and heart” I guess she dont know what she wants form her life, low esteem?


    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Yeah every story got two sides, it would be interesting to know the other side of story too. But in the as Hiren said Who Cares?

  4. Hahah, I love it when celebs get emo. Who FUCKING CARES about celebs and their miserable lives? Except maybe gossip magazines.

  5. deserves them right these whites or non indians will not last long with these slutty trappy bollywood blahs ,stick with ur own indians u low class trashy sluts!!!!!!!!! Ha ha bloody bollywoods trying to take over fake whores!!

  6. i loved someone,but she pretended to me meaninglessly,the relation has been broken up almost 3 years ag

    o,but yet i wish to get her back……give me some better information…..

    • i loved someone,But she pretext to me ,the relation has been broken up almost 3 years ago,still i wish to get her back….even she loved other one boy in spite of having relation in both of us…..i can’t think anything without her existence….please give me some better information…

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