American Citizen won JNU election in India

Tyler Walker Williams an opponent of IRAQ War and very strong opponent of Mr.Bush foreign policy, a US citizen and a student of Hindi Language course become the first foreigner to win the student union election in Indian history. Mr.Williams won the election under the banner of unions affiliated to Communist Party of India. In his campaign he has raised the voice and his concern over US foreign policies and was very critical against Mr.Bush policies. So question is does he won the election by sympathy vote because he has raised the question against his own country President and its policies? Or he is really capable of leading the student union in right direction? American and communist it’s hard to digest.

U.S. student is first to win JNU election in India

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – A U.S. citizen on Saturday became the first foreigner to win a student election at the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University after mounting a campaign critical of U.S. foreign policy.Tyler Walker Williams, a student of Hindi, was elected vice-president of the students’ union of JNU, which has produced many of the country’s top politicians.

Williams, is the first foreign student to win elections at the school and is said to be the first foreigner to win a student election in India.

He represented a union affiliated to a Communist Party, which has held sway over the university’s student body for decades.

“When students see an American attached to an (Indian) students’ movement, and when he opposes American colonialism, it raises curiosity,” Tyler told NDTV.


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Islamic hip-hop artists are accused of indoctrinating young against the West

I thought, music of any sort is banned in Islam, second till now I know music is about spreading love and peace. So these groups are doing totally wrong things both from Islam perspective and also from music perspective. Spreading hatred and motivating young people for terrorism is an act of cowardness. Spreading full of hatred music is very dangerous as this gives very wrong idea to youths. Times Online Reports:

HIP-HOP and rap artists are teaching young Muslims the ideology of radical Islamism through songs about the war in Iraq, the oppression of Muslims and the creation of an Islamic state governed by Sharia, or religious law.

Intelligence agencies have identified music as a “tool for indoctrination”. The phenomenon began with an American group called Soldiers of Allah. The group has since disbanded but its music and lyrics remain popular on the internet. Other groups in Britain, France and the US have been identified as giving cause for concern. Many use the derogatory term “kufur” to describe non-Muslims.

Madeleine Gruen, an American intelligence analyst, highlighted the lyrics of a British group called Blakstone as a possible gateway to extremist politics.

Ms Gruen has studied how music, internet forums, boardgames and fashion have been used to radicalise youths.

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Islamic Jihad Via YouTube

I wish if youtube could do some thing to stop these sort of video to be published on their website. This is most disturbing video I had ever seen and no Idea how youtube people allowed this video to be published on their website?

Please be aware that some of the images in video are disturbing. !!

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Indian kids to get sex, drugs lessons -report

This report reminds me the very good and informative article publishes by Hiren only few days ago regarding sexual education in India. Its is good step but I have doubt about this program success, not being pessimistic but teaching puberty, sexual transmit deceases to the children’s as young 5 years old and kids studying in kindergartens is not going to work. In my opinion they are too young to understand these sorts of things. Start some thing for pupil’s age between 10-14 years old will make sense. Only time will tell if the program hit the success road or not. !!

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Schools in conservative India will teach children as young as five years old about sexual health and drugs from next year to boost awareness of the dangers they face in a changing society, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

India’s national examination board is set to introduce a new programme teaching pupils at kindergartens and schools about drug and sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and nutrition, the Times of India daily reported.“Topics related to sexual changes at puberty, substance abuse, myths concerning the reproductive growth of a child and sexually transmitted diseases will be part of the curriculum,” Usha Ram, a school principal involved in developing the programme said.

Conservative attitudes to sex and contraception and a lack of awareness is common, especially in rural India.

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Political Fashion

First the Bollywood celebrities then cricketers and now the politicians! Meghalaya MLA Lambor Malingniang has decided to walk the ramp next month. Reports:

 India : Young Meghalaya MLA to walk the ramp

First the cricketers and now the politicians! Meghalaya MLA Lambor Malingniang has decided to walk the ramp next month for the noble reason of creating awareness anong youtha bd encouraging them to take initiative in development projects.

On December 9, Malingniang will flaunt budding designer Abhijit Singha’s outfits at the ‘Look of the Year 2006’ event.

Talking about this new step 28-year-old politician said, “The fashion industry is a booming sector and highly popular too. I felt it was a very good medium to send the message across.”

Singha, who came up with this idea, explained, “The proceeds of the sale will be donated for the promotion of handloom and handcraft products in Smit village and also aimed at electing the best-looking models from among the 14 participants from across the region.”

Assamese upcoming artist has designed clothes for super-stars Sushmita Sen and Salman Khan for their next movie.

So what we call it? Political Fashion?

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