Indian kids to get sex, drugs lessons -report

This report reminds me the very good and informative article publishes by Hiren only few days ago regarding sexual education in India. Its is good step but I have doubt about this program success, not being pessimistic but teaching puberty, sexual transmit deceases to the children’s as young 5 years old and kids studying in kindergartens is not going to work. In my opinion they are too young to understand these sorts of things. Start some thing for pupil’s age between 10-14 years old will make sense. Only time will tell if the program hit the success road or not. !!

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Schools in conservative India will teach children as young as five years old about sexual health and drugs from next year to boost awareness of the dangers they face in a changing society, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

India’s national examination board is set to introduce a new programme teaching pupils at kindergartens and schools about drug and sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and nutrition, the Times of India daily reported.“Topics related to sexual changes at puberty, substance abuse, myths concerning the reproductive growth of a child and sexually transmitted diseases will be part of the curriculum,” Usha Ram, a school principal involved in developing the programme said.

Conservative attitudes to sex and contraception and a lack of awareness is common, especially in rural India.

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  1. ROFL! This would make a good post on my blog too! Funniest shit I’ve heard since Diddy wanting to be James Bond =))

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