Islamic hip-hop artists are accused of indoctrinating young against the West

I thought, music of any sort is banned in Islam, second till now I know music is about spreading love and peace. So these groups are doing totally wrong things both from Islam perspective and also from music perspective. Spreading hatred and motivating young people for terrorism is an act of cowardness. Spreading full of hatred music is very dangerous as this gives very wrong idea to youths. Times Online Reports:

HIP-HOP and rap artists are teaching young Muslims the ideology of radical Islamism through songs about the war in Iraq, the oppression of Muslims and the creation of an Islamic state governed by Sharia, or religious law.

Intelligence agencies have identified music as a “tool for indoctrination”. The phenomenon began with an American group called Soldiers of Allah. The group has since disbanded but its music and lyrics remain popular on the internet. Other groups in Britain, France and the US have been identified as giving cause for concern. Many use the derogatory term “kufur” to describe non-Muslims.

Madeleine Gruen, an American intelligence analyst, highlighted the lyrics of a British group called Blakstone as a possible gateway to extremist politics.

Ms Gruen has studied how music, internet forums, boardgames and fashion have been used to radicalise youths.

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  1. OMG! You’re right! I’m motivated now! I’m going to spread Islam! M-U-S to the L-I-M yeah!!!!

    I’m feel so Muslim today. JIHAD!!!!

  2. Yeah they find stranger ways for hatred ….

    Music used to be so gr8 in Sufism .. hrrrrrr.

  3. I don’t find this tune offensive unless I am missing something.
    Maybe it is calling for youth to get involved in Islam and change things for the better …. work against the fundamental elements under the name Islam?

    Just because some US official says it is wrong doesn’t mean that she is right.

    And if it is offensive, isn’t all rap more or less offensive?

  4. @Slim

    You bless…


    thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views with right mate its is strange way but becuase its music so it does motivate young people so some one has to take action.

    This is just promo of video I found on youtube but songs is in question is close to me..I guess you might can listen this song on their website..

    But wordering of this song

    No Khalifah [Islamic state] Where are we heading? Without Islam we’re stressing, implement Allah’s blessing, that’s what I am addressing. Apart from this kufur scheme. Bring Islam back to the scene. Let’s unite the Ummah [Muslim nation], following only the Koran and the Sunnah. Even if all the kufirs got together, they still couldn’t stop this Ummah. We love Islam More than we love life

    Kufur means non believers of Islam..It is derogatory term “kufur” to describe non-Muslims.

  5. If we don’t take all this shit seriously (like I did, in my comment), they wouldn’t be motivated to continue with their shit. Its because of people all over the world making a big issue about it, especially the “intelligence analysts”, are these morons “motivated” to do more of their… whatever its called. Its like they enjoy being controversial or something.

  6. all these bands are just following the message witch the prophet left behind to follow if they dint do it who else would it is all to bring it and put it in a better presepective for us espeacially in todays society oksay people u all need to ge checjed out lolz

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