Christian Population Falls in Holy Land

The number of Christians who live in the area where their religion began is in decline. Growing numbers of Christians are leaving the lands where their religion began. Their reasons are different; varying sometimes by sect, sometimes by nationality–but the change is unmistakable. A hundred years ago, Christians made up 25 percent of the population in the Middle East. Today, estimates put that number at about six percent and falling. Call it part of a modern mass departure, the steady flight of the tiny Palestinian Christian minority that could lead, some predict, to the faith being virtually extinct in its birthplace within several generations. The protection of Christians in Islamic-majority countries is one of the most delicate problems facing the Church. So question is Vatican’s top foreign policy official are listening about this “particularly unhappy” situation of the decline of Christians in the Middle East?

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) — The death threat came on simple white fliers blowing down the streets at dawn. A group calling itself “Friends of Muhammad” accused a local Palestinian Christian of selling mobile phones carrying offensive sketches of the Muslim prophet.

The message went on to curse all Arab Christians and Pope Benedict XVI, still struggling to calm Muslim outrage from his remarks on Islam.

While neighbors defended the merchant – saying the charges in the flier were bogus – the frightened phone dealer went into hiding, feeling less than satisfied with authorities’ conclusion that the Oct. 19 note was probably a harmless rant.

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Lady Chatterjee Ready to Woo Audience Again!

Remember Lady Chatterjee? An item girl, India’s first animated item girl and video tone. The animated Bengali girl, sporting a bindi and a Barbie-figure-hugging low-hip jeans and tube top, wore clinging and low-waist jeans on a figure that would make Barbie jealous. She is also the first fully animated 3D character to appear in any Indian music video. So for all the big fans, good news, Lady Chatterjee will be seen again in her second music video, Pyaar Aur Dosti.

New Delhi, November 11: Remember Lady Chatterjee? She was India’s first animated item girl launched with a big splash in June. The Lady sported a bindi, wore clinging and low-waist jeans on a figure that would make Barbie jealous. The character, created by Delhi based musician Sawan Dutta, will be seen again in her second music video, Pyaar Aur Dosti from the album of the same name, Lady Chatterjee.

Lady Chatterjee has eight songs. The names of the tracks are SMS me, Hotmasala Rooms, ASL (Age Sex Location). The tunes are fast-paced, electronically jigged dance tracks with a few melodious ballads thrown in between. The lyrics are in English and Hindi, with a smattering of Bengali.

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British supermarket major to move IT jobs to India

Britain’s fifth-largest supermarket chain Somerfield is planning to transfer nearly 120 IT jobs from its Bristol head office to a consultancy in India in a bid to reduce costs. Somerfield was in talks with Indian IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), but had not signed a contract. Good news for Indian outsourcing Industry.

London, Nov 7 (IANS) Nearly 120 jobs in the IT department of supermarket chain Somerfield in Bristol are expected to be moved to India as part of its latest cost-cutting programme.

Somerfield is reported close to signing the contract with India’s IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

The 141 workers in the department, based at Somerfield’s Whitchurch, Bristol, head office, have been told of the move. Around 25, mainly managers, are expected to stay in Bristol to oversee the operation.

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CPI(M) asks govt to severe military ties with Israel

The CPI (M) on Thursday called upon the Centre to sever military ties with Israel and recognize it as an “outlaw state’” after an Israeli army offensive killed several Palestinians early Wednesday. Hindustan Times Reports:

CPI(M) wants centre to sever military ties with Israel

“The Party general secretary, Prakash Karat, said that the issue of India’s relation with Israel has been raised a number of times in the last two-and-half years.”We have taken a stand on the issue that India shouldn’t have military or security ties with Israel. We have taken that stand for more than two years. The Government hasn’t listened to us,’’ Karat said, adding that it was yet to be decided whether to raise the issue at the UPA-Left coordination committee meeting on November 13.”


This is not the first time CPI (M) has raised this sort of demand. Even in past they has raised same demand and in last two and half years of their proxy rule ( supporting congress I government) they had raised this issue number of times, on grounds of human rights abuses against Palestinians ( Recent demands comes after 18 Palestinian civilians including nine children were killed. Of the dead, 14 were from the same family when Israeli tanks shelled the locality of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza strip, a largely residential area.).


But what makes me wonder about CPI (M) theory of this demand is that they want India to sever military ties with Israel because Israel is committing human rights abuses against Palestinians (this I will discuss in my next post). But I had never heard from them asking government sever the ties with Iran or Syria two biggest supporter of terrorist organization Hezbollah. (Responsible for killings thousands of innocents Israelis)


[From the inception of Hezbollah to the present[4][61][62][63][64] the elimination of the state of Israel has been Hezbollah’s primary goal. Secretary-General Nasrallah’s has stated that “Israel is an illegal usurper entity, which is based on falsehood, massacres, and illusions,”[44] and considers that the elimination of Israel will bring peace in the middle east: “There is no solution to the conflict in this region except with the disappearance of Israel.”[65][66] In an interview with the Washington Post, Nasrallah said “I am against any reconciliation with Israel. I do not even recognize the presence of a state that is called ‘Israel.’ I consider its presence both unjust and unlawful. That is why if Lebanon concludes a peace agreement with Israel and brings that accord to the Parliament our deputies will reject it; Hezbollah refuses any conciliation with Israel in principle.”[67]] Source From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Anyway I am not here to discuss about terrorist organization Hezbollah or Israel/Palestine conflict. But to share my opinion on India-Israel relation and why it is much more important for India to have close ties with Israel.



Why India can’t sever ties with Israel:


India and Israel’s bilateral relationship has blossomed since the two countries opened diplomatic ties in 1992. India accorded official recognition to Israel in 1950 but established formal diplomatic relations in 1992. Israel one of the smallest country on this earth has produced best intelligence service, and their defensive system are one of best in the world. Look out their spy agencies MOSSAD, SHIN BET and AMAN. All the three external, internal and army agencies have got world reputation.


Common Situation:


The India-Israel relationship is many-sided and multidimensional. While two nations are illustrious by different religions and cultures, yet in many ways India-Israel have much in common. Both countries achieved independence from the British almost simultaneously (India in 1947 and Israel in 1948). Both India and Israel are threatened by similar strands of radical Islamism (Terrorist Oragnisation). While Israel is concerned with Iran’s nuclear potential and support of terrorism (Hezbollah), New Delhi worries about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of Islamic radicals.


Why India needs Israel support:


Once the Soviet Union falls apart, India understands ties with the Soviet Union no longer served as an obstacle to relations with Israel so India started thinking about changing foreign policies. Falling of Soviet Unions or ending of Soviet ERA is not only the reason for our government to rethink about policies but there are also many other reason which forced government of India to makes some drastic changes and start co-operation with Israel.



Secondly during Soviet ERA India enjoyed very close relations with middles east countries but when Soviet Unions breaks down Middle East countries started showing their backs mainly due to growing Arab empathy with Pakistan regarding Kashmir, and was furthermore concerned by a growing China-Pakistan military relationship and the proliferation of weapons programmes between the two countries. One also has to keep in mind that China has very close ties with Pakistan and has helped them in crucial fields like defense and nuclear technology. It is no secret that most of missile power acquired by Pakistan has come from North Korea which again has very close ties with China.


India also understands that it will be increasingly beneficial to learn from Israel’s experience in dealing with terrorism since Israel has also long suffered from cross-border terrorism and internal terrorist organization. States such as Pakistan in South Asia, or Iran and Syria in Middle East, have long used terror as an instrument of their foreign policies. There are, thus, distinct structural similarities in the kind of threat that India and Israel face from terrorism.


What Israel offers to India or can offers:


  • Israel offers India a valuable and sophisticated weapons and military equipment to make our defense forces stronger and hi-tech.


  • Israel offers India both material and moral support in fighting the menace.


  • Israel’s defence industries have earned a global reputation for upgradation of old weapon systems to latest technological capabilities. It applies to India’s vast holdings of Russian combat aircraft and tanks holdings.


  • Israel could help India in dealing terrorism as they had better experience in dealing with it.


  • Israel science and technological advances in the fields of satellites, missiles, rockets and nuclear fields are much better than any other countries. This advanced source of technology can help India to build its own satellite and space mission more solid.


A friend in need is a friend indeed:


During the Kargil War, Israel will be remembered by many Indians in a very positive and friendly manner. When India asked for help for high altitude surveillance and laser guided system, Israel responded magnificently, despite pressures from various quarters, not to supply UAVs for high altitude surveillance, laser – guided systems and many other items which were supplied within 24 hours.


Demanding that India should sever ties with Israel, is a lawful activity in a democratic set up, but it would be better if the CPI (M) and others allies of CPI (M) also keep the national interests in mind while demanding this sort of things, they should think twice before formulating their policies on sensitive issues which can have long term consequences for India’s own interests and its security policies. Always remember that in even in Soviet ERA Soviet Union and even other India close allies have never offered so much to India since its creation.

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