British supermarket major to move IT jobs to India

Britain’s fifth-largest supermarket chain Somerfield is planning to transfer nearly 120 IT jobs from its Bristol head office to a consultancy in India in a bid to reduce costs. Somerfield was in talks with Indian IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), but had not signed a contract. Good news for Indian outsourcing Industry.

London, Nov 7 (IANS) Nearly 120 jobs in the IT department of supermarket chain Somerfield in Bristol are expected to be moved to India as part of its latest cost-cutting programme.

Somerfield is reported close to signing the contract with India’s IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

The 141 workers in the department, based at Somerfield’s Whitchurch, Bristol, head office, have been told of the move. Around 25, mainly managers, are expected to stay in Bristol to oversee the operation.

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  1. First American homework and now this. At this rate, we shall probably end up as the most out sorucing country in the world. Wonder if the day will ever dawn when India shall outsource something to another country. Any examples?

  2. Hiren said: “Wonder if the day will ever dawn when India shall outsource something to another country. Any examples? ”

    Good question!.. and it is actually happening if you think of the way indian companies are setting up bases across the world, and hiring locals in those countries. Though not exactly outsourcing, the spirit is the same – indian helping create and run companies abroad; thereby providing jobs/paying taxes in those places.

  3. This is gud news.. more work to india.. 🙂

  4. @Hiren

    Good question, here in UK onesource got 2 call centre which means providing jobs to loacls. Globalization…

    Totally agree with your comments. and thanks for answering Hiren question..ah bless you

    Yeah Vin good news..More job More work..

  5. @Hiren:

    Read up on TCS and Wipro and Infosys- They are outsourcing IT work to China already since a long time.

    [….While US based IT companies such as Microsoft and IBM have already opened operations in China, Indian IT companies are also joining them. Indian IT outsourcing players such as Wipro, TCS, Satyam and Infosys have already made the move and are setting up their back end offices in China….]

    TATA – manufacturing jobs in Africa. -Not all exports from TATA are made in India. They have bicycle factory and truck manufacturing and what not in countries around the world.

  6. @Opnionated

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Very well said and thanks sharing article with us very informative indeed.

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