Sri Lanka ‘recruits child fighters’

Children – the most innocent segment of our global community are forced to fight in Sri Lanka. First it was LTTE who was recruiting Child Soldiers now UN is sayings Government of Sri Lanka is also recruiting Child Soldiers. What the hell is happening, if this report is true then I would like to see other countries to put pressure on Sri Lankan government about this and put tough sanctions against them, if they don’t stop abusing children’s. They can’t use children’s for their own politics. Enough is Enough Stop Child Soldiers.



Sri Lankan government forces are recruiting child soldiers to fight against the Tamil Tiger rebels, the United Nations has said.

A senior UN official said the troops had been rounding up children to fight with the renegade Karuna rebel group.

Col Karuna leads a breakaway faction of the Tamil Tigers, which have themselves been accused of using child soldiers.

Sri Lankan security forces say they are “perturbed” by the “completely misleading” allegations.


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  1. Inspiration from China ROFL!

  2. this is many times worse than child labour or begging… how can they employ kids as soldiers…

  3. This is horrible. Better not be true.

  4. @Slim
    This is imple child abuse and worst things is not a single country has came out with any sort condemnation till now..Shame…
    Unfortunately it is true..

  5. Hey i live in SL and as far as i know you can’t go to the army if you are not 18! it’s not that SL army is taking in children but the terrorists are doing it. i just can’t believe this. if the army supports this damn, why are they fighting at all? to defend what? its all gone when you do something like that. i just don’t believe it. The UN guy must be favoring the LTTE.

  6. To find out current news and info on child soldiers, I’ve started a small blog.

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