Suicide attacks against the spirit of Islam: Musharraf

At last, someone talking some sense? Might be for some people not for me, he is two face leader who have done so much harm then peace. You reap what You sew!! Mr.President!!

Just have look on his recent book Line of Fire is probably the only autobiographical work penned by a serving head of State. While opinions differ on his motives for writing it, there is near unanimity in India and Pakistan as well, that it is full of half truths and white lies.

In my opinion, He is gone Mad, he knows very well his political career is about to finish. So President Musharraf probably thought to write a book and make some Dollars in hurry. He feels, being an army man he did not expect to be questioned on what he wrote or could not be asked to produce proof. Since he is not a democratically elected leader who feels his hands are tied by the constraints of a democratic system, he does not have to worry about the direct or indirect consequence of his words. The book might have boosted President financial standing but it had neither served the cause of truth nor the interests of your own country.

He himself quoted in many news conferences that there is no terrorism in Kashmir its freedom fight going on, so he clearly refused to recognize the terrorism in India. He calls terrorist as freedom fighters. In his book on the account of the Agra Summit he blamed Atal Ji for the failure of summit, but eventually truth came out and he gone back into the hole. The main reason of failure of that historic summit was General refusal to recognize the terrorism and he was very insistent that Kashmir terrorist are “Freedom Fighter”.

Even US state department report on the global terrorism over the year 2000, noted that General Pervez Musharraf’s military government, like the previous Pakistani government, supported the Kashmir insurgency, and Kashmiri militant groups continued to operate in Pakistan, raising funds and recruiting new cadre.

Sooner or later it will all come to an ignominious end. He is playing a very very dangerous game.

Supporting terrorist and allowing terrorist to set up a camp in Pakistani soil is one side of this so called Peace Devotee Leader and Giving lecture about Peace, Islam, Love and Harmony in South Asia Region is other side of this leader.

You reap what You sew!!

Islamabad, Nov. 14 (PTI): Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said the concept of suicide attacks was against the spirit of Islam and his government was determined to fight terrorism in all its manifestations.

The President condemned suicide attacks during his visit to an army camp at Dargain on the border where 42 soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing last week. Expressing his government’s resolve to continue the fight against extremism and terrorism, he said the country would suffer if the government fails to check the menace.


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  1. You are right- Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds-thats Musharraf for you. However, one does need moderates in Islam to speak up.

  2. @Hiren

    Do you really thinks there are any moderate Muslims? Even in recent interview Dr.Mahatir Ex PM of Malaysia said there is nothing called moderate muslims. Its just a word created by media.

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