Drunken Elephant Rampage

Drunken elephants have trampled at least three people to death, including a four-year-old boy, on a rampage through a village in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

The report say

Villagers killed as elephants develop taste for rice beer Full Report…..

It was the latest in a string of incidents over the past fortnight, which wildlife experts have attributed to human encroachment on the elephant’s natural habitat in the region. Assam has India’s biggest population of elephants, estimated at 5,300. Until recently, they lived in relative seclusion in the dense forest that covers much of the region near India’s borders with Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan and China.

But as those forests have shrunk, the elephants have strayed into villages, destroying crops, raiding granaries and attacking humans.”

As far as I know Elephants are very sensible these, gentle, intelligent giants.

Main cause for the increasing number of elephant attacks is the shrinkage of their natural forest habitat. The devastation of the animal’s natural habitat is party to blame for the problem. Unfortunately innocents and children are among the victims of this terrible incident.

Unfortunately in retaliation, poor villagers have often killed elephants by electrocuting them, shooting them with poison-tipped arrows or leaving out poisoned food spikes.

Elephants have killed 239 people in Assam, while 265 elephants have died.

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  1. my first question is .. how did elephants get drunk ? i mean how did they get access to liquour?
    And i think villagers shud be given tranquizers, so that they can put elephants to sleep instead of poisioning them…..

  2. It seems that elephants have elephantine extra curricular activities. Last year, while in Thailand, I saw them playing football and paint among other things. At that time, looking at their antics, I thought I was drunk. That’s another one for vagaries of life.

  3. Yeah, where is this bar the elephants are getting drunk in? I just don’t know what else to say.

  4. @Vin
    It has been noticed that elephants have developed a taste for rice beer and local liquor and they always look for it when they invade villages. So when villagers make this drinks elephant can smell it so they always come to look for dinks…


    Yeah Elephants are ver sensible and creative creature.

    They dont have any bars or night clubs they just go home of poor villagers for osme drinking session:)

  5. Any idea what was the beer brand they drank ? 🙂

    Jokes Apart, Elephants need space – they are known to travel hundreds of kilometers in Africa in search of better food, weather and water. Their natural habitat is dwindling fast… in ASIA.

  6. Elephants like humans have a distinct liking for alcohol. They smell it being made in small and often illegal village stills and descend on villages to drink. They can smash up many homes searching for the hooch.
    As others have said the problem facing all wild elephants in Asia is habitat loss which leads to conflict with humans and deaths on both sides.
    EleAid is a charity working for the conservation and welfare of all Asian elephants and you can find out more about the issues at our website

  7. @Apun

    Chas has answered your question. Thanks Chas…


    thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. I am totally agree with your views..

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