India bans travel by Tibetan activist during visit by Hu Jintao

When President Bush visited India government didn’t stopped any people for demonstrations, so why our democratically elected government is stopping now, Tibetan Leaders for demonstration? We live democracy every one got right to show and express their feelings, we are not communist state like China. Why the hell our government didn’t stopped CPI M when they took streets when President Bush was in India? Law should be equal for every one. Is that CPI M pressured government to please Chinese President? This is just another sad day for Indian democracy.


NEW DELHI: The Indian police have issued an order curtailing the movement of a prominent Tibetan campaigner, in a bid to prevent protests during a visit next week by President Hu Jintao of China.

The police in Dharamsala in the north, the effective seat of the Tibetan government in exile, issued a written order to Tenzin Tsundue, 31, a poet and champion of Tibetan independence.

During the visit by the Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, to the southern Indian technology hub of Bangalore in April 2005, Tsundue climbed atop a building across the street from where Wen was speaking and unfurled a banner reading “Free Tibet.”


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  1. Given China’s attitude towards the worls, I don’t think they deserve this nice treatment.

  2. Given China’s attitude towards the worlds, I don’t think they deserve this nice treatment.

  3. @Ajay

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views with us, its just a shame that Inida banned Tibetian leaders. And what makes me mroe laugh is that communist leader will gives us lecture from the temple of our democracy Parliament Shame…

  4. India needs to learn – from wherever it might come. There are important lessons to be learnt from CHINA.

    But not you and i. The movers and shakers of India need to learn – the Policy Makers, Top Bureaucrats, The Decision Makers. Else – we will be talking all the right things even 20 years from now – and nothing would have changed.

  5. @Apun

    Do you think ist is possible for our leaders to learn some thing? They too busy in vote bank and reservation politics..

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