India’s weightlifters can’t pay, won’t play at Asiad

The inexplicable vanishing acts of the few cheats’ weightlifters, why should innocent’s weightlifters suffer? Indian federation should have forced these cheats’ weightlifters to bear the fine. Federation should force them (cheat weightlifters) to sell their assets and pay the hefty fine imposed by International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Because of these cheats all other innocents’ weightlifters are sufferings. They have done loads of hard works to participate in international arena and represents India at all stage but because of this mess they will not be able to do it. So in my opinion cheats should be liable to pay. If they don’t have money sell their assets and pay the fine and let these innocents participates the game and bring glory for India.


NEW DELHI, Nov 16: India’s weightlifters will miss next month’s Asian Games in Doha because their officials can’t afford to pay a $50,000 fine for doping offences, an official said on Thursday.

India was banned from all international weightlifting competitions for a year, until next March, following four positive dope tests before and during the Commonwealth Games in Australia earlier this year.

But the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) announced in October it will waive the ban, allowing India’s participation in the Asian Games, if it coughed up the money.

The IWF said it would use the money for extensive anti-doping programmes, but Indian officials said they are unable to pay the fine.


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  1. Well.. who really are running Sports Federations in India?

    Politicians.. look at BCCI, Football Federation of India, and all others..

    You get the flow..

  2. @Apun

    Yeah you right you got point..bro…

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