Talks by India and Pakistan Make No Gains on Train Blasts

INDIA and Pakistan cut up two days of peace talks yesterday with an agreement to set up a joint anti-terrorism commission and exchange information to prevent inadvertent nuclear conflict. Officials from both countries hailed the agreements as considerable steps in the peace process, which was suspended after the Mumbai train bombings that killed more than 150 people in July 2006.

Might be it is good move in terms of keeping heat of verbal accusation against each other but in terms of any solid progress I don’t see much evidences. There was no progress on the core issue of Kashmir, how we can bring back normal life back to valley, India didn’t produced any evidences about much talked item Mumbai bombing and its linkage to ISI Pakistani intelligence service and terrorist organization working and operating from Pakistan. What was the reason behind the motive of our Government of not producing the evidence to Pakistan when Government has already shared the evidence with Europe and US? Why Government fails to produce the much closely watched item: Mumbai Trains Blast and its linkage to Pakistan?

NEW DELHI, Nov. 15 — Peace talks between India and Pakistan, which had stalled after the bombings of commuter trains in Mumbai in July, limped forward this week, as senior officials from both countries met here for two days to discuss issues ranging from how to exchange information on terrorist groups to a dispute over an uninhabitable area high in the Himalayas.

But the dialogue between their top diplomats ended Wednesday without movement on a crucial and closely watched item: India, having accused Pakistan of involvement in the Mumbai bombings, presented no evidence of such complicity.


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  1. To tell you the truth, there is no gain on these stupid talks. I have been reading about them since Rajiv Gandhi’s time. When Paklistan does not want to walk the talk, what is the point?

  2. @Hiren

    Its just false promise and I still dont understand why our government is so keen in talks?

  3. Most of these talks are futile exercises by bored govt. babu’s. We need long term strategy thinkers who can ensure that we

    are on solid footing under every circumstance. Pak on one hand is talking peace on the other hand is hand-in-glove with China

    in arming itself. This is exactly what china is also doing – keep talking peace – but keep doing whatever is good for itself.

    While the political leaders here are busy with vote bank policies, and our defence forces have failed to procure Advanced Jet

    Trainers (its been on discssion table for more than a decade and the need for this was probably identified 2 decades ago),

    the DRDO fails to deliver – and keeps the forces on tenterhooks everytime it attempts to buy equipment from abroad.

  4. Only solution is a full-fledged war with Pakistan.

  5. These talks are futile.. either they r eye washes .. India shud stop all this.. such talks will help Pakisthan tell the world that they r a nice nation and not a terrorist and they were always open for talks

  6. @Apun

    How we can talk or think about peace talk when guns are already talking their own language?


    War Pakistan dont have chance to go for war thats why they are doing this proxy war. We only fight with anyone whom we think are equal to us Pakistan is not equal to us in any way.

    You right….Vin ist just a shame our government waisting public money and time on it.

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