Pakistan not helping Taliban: Musharraf

Pakistan is not a banana state we know that Mr. President because Pakistan is a terrorist state. Saying ISI Pakistan intelligence service is not helping Taliban’s and other terrorist organization is just a laugh. The ISI is one of the most tarnished entities in Pakistani history and infrastructure.

Look at your recent example, a peace agreement between Pakistan and your law less state Waziristan. You had given free heaven to these terrorist saying that if Taliban’s behave Pakistan will not arrest them and will return their weapons and other terrorist too. What a joke!!

Second advising that Taliban could be won by recruiting them into the Afghan army is another show of your fail mind; if Afghanistan takes your advice like this one I am sure the result will be the massacre of millions of Afghans. It would be better for you and for your country is instead of defending your ISI, try to put some checks on their activities.

BERLIN: Pakistan is not a banana state and the allegations that a Pakistani intelligence agency is helping the Taliban and other militants are baseless, President General Pervez Musharraf said in an interview with a German magazine, Focus, here on Saturday.

“Pakistan is not a banana republic. Our army is well organised and loyal. Army personnel constitute the major chunk of the intelligence agency. Intelligence personnel have been changed from two to three times since 1990,” he said.

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  1. “Pakistan not helping Taliban: Musharraf”

    And I’ve got a basset hound cloning machine you can by stock in.

  2. We shud bomb Pakistan

  3. Mr Ajay. Do you not think Pakistan will retaliate back with nukes if you chose to bomb Pak. What do money worshippers know about morality? Its only a matter of time before India is held back by USA.

  4. Hanuman and Ganesh will rescue us from the wrath of Avidevta. What the hell is this mumbo jumbo anyway?

  5. @J

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views with us. Thanks for your comments…:)


    Bombing is not solution but tough measures is needed.


    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views with us. This what Pakistan call

  6. Just Break all kind of freaking relations with pakistan. Make a wall along the border (the great wall of China type) I know India can afford this wall.
    Just don’t let any vagina face paki to enter our air.
    We don’t need to explode bomb. that’s a shitty idea. We are already under threat of Global Warming. If we destroy pakistan means we gonna kill whole earth including ourselves.
    Just wipe off pakis from your eyes.
    Damn, I don’t care who they help, taliban or any AL – Freak… They aren’t gonna scratch our dicks.

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