Indian boy wins world peace prize

Om Prakash you make us proud Indian’s. Your work and motivation are just wonderful and you deserve the prize! Congratulation. Hope some things our leaders will learn from you and from your work to make better India.

A 14-year-old Indian boy has been awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize for leading a campaign against child labour and child slavery.

Om Prakash was forced to work as a farm labourer for three years. After he was rescued, Om set up a network that aims to give all children a birth certificate as a way of helping to protect them from exploitation.

Om was awarded the $100,000 (£53,000) prize organised by a Netherlands-based group at a ceremony in The Hague.


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Indian state to adopt workplace HIV policy

Right move at the Right time! Hope this sort of policy and law will also be introduced by other state governments.

People living with HIV and AIDS, enjoys equal rights that must be honored by society and governments. We can not discriminate any one by their health, colour or caste religion. It’s shame. We as citizen should at least try to understand that people living with, or affected by, HIV enjoy the same respect and rights as others and are entitled to unconditional support and acceptance within their faith communities, and in wider society, at local, national and international levels.

MUMBAI – India’s western state of Maharashtra is set to introduce a policy aimed at curbing discrimination against HIV-infected workers, a leading newspaper said on Sunday.

It would cover areas such as recruitment, transfers and promotions, and would be applied first in all state government offices, the Hindustan Times said, quoting Maharashtra’s health secretary, Vijay Satbir Singh.The state would ask private-sector firms to adopt the policy after a few months, the paper said.

“Authorities who know about the HIV-positive status of an employee would be required to keep it confidential,” Singh was quoted as saying.

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