India hails Nepal pact, calls it historic opportunity

Historic agreement my foot..Mr. Prachanda the so called people leader (Maoist Leader and Murder) who had killed his own thousands of people will become PM one day. Who is responsible for all these killings? Supporting Maoist the cancerous organization will be a
big mistake by Indian Government.

New Delhi, Nov 21: Welcoming the agreement reached between Nepal Government and Maoists, India on Tuesday hoped it will end the “politics and culture of violence” there and asked all sides to strictly abide by their commitments to ensure the “historic opportunity” is not lost.

New Delhi said the “critical test” would be the implementation of the agreement on the ground and emphasised that it stands ready to help in every way.

“We believe the agreement reflects overwhelming desire of the people of Nepal for peace and stability,” External Affairs Ministry Spokesman Navtej Sarna said here while welcoming the development.

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  1. Why does our Government decide to kiss everyones ass instead of giving the middle finger, it escapes me.

  2. oh slim if only you were the pm … india would rock!!

  3. well MR jo bhi hain aap……. how could tell so called prachanda would be prime-minister of the country. Fucking communism would never get to standards in NEPAL They succeeded to this extent because nepal is a country with uneducated peoples….. n they got a bit popular in poor regions of country….. if people here get chance of education to certain level then they would know how fucking n worthless theory is communism n kick the ass of the murderer PRACHANDA.

  4. @Slim

    Even I wonder the same….

    Hmm I got doubt about it…lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Well Mr.Prachanda will become PM one and that will be one of blackest day of Nepal history. He is murdered first no matters what.

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