Organized Labor Comes To India’s Tech Industry

The Nightmare Comes True

I thought it was terrible. I was wrong. It is far, far worse!–These words sum up my feelings at that moment. Very sad day for India’s booming IT/ITES industry. Now watch out strikes by Indian techies, which will tarnish the relatively good image that outsourcing enjoys among corporations in other countries.

Unionizing IT/BPO sector will hamper the growth of Industry. This will be a back step and it will reduce the growth rate of most booming industry in India. Foreign clients don’t like unionizing the sector because of the fact that it’s just another way to blackmail them.

India’s technology industry, which has been merrily soaking up jobs from higher-cost countries, got a little shock last week when it had its first brush with organized labor.

The Center for Indian Trade Unions, a Communist group that represents several million employees across India, launched the West Bengal Information Technology Services Association in Kolkota. Since it’s not as much a union as an employee rights group, membership is voluntary.

Trade union leaders have accused technology-services firms of abuses ranging from firing employees without notice to not providing transport for workers leaving late-night jobs.

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  1. oops!! here we go!!

  2. I think India is following the path of most industrialised countries.

  3. @Vin

    Yes you right…


    India is following th epath of communist and will loose out..

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