Economic boom blurs lines among India’s castes

Good News…at least its good to hear to that every body is taking the advantages of this economic boom. What we need at this time is more affirmative action, not only just reservation or quote system. Help more Dalits so that every one can take advantage of this boom.

NEW DELHI — Kicking back in blue jeans and a black pullover shirt, Yudhishthir Kumar looks like many other young engineers riding India’s high-tech boom.

Some of his colleagues at a computer company in Mumbai don’t know that one thing sets him apart. He is a Dalit, a member of the lowest caste in India that once was derisively called the “untouchables.”

Kumar, 28, a computer network specialist, represents a small but slowly expanding segment of India’s 170-million-strong Dalit population who are taking advantage of new economic opportunities and affirmative action. But as Kumar and other upwardly mobile Dalits challenge their caste’s stereotypes, they are finding that centuries-old attitudes change slowly.

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