Wal-Mart enters India with Bharti

India’s booming retail market, estimated at more than $200 billion, is currently dominated by more than 12 million local corner shops. Large super stores remain a rarity, but soon India will witness big store displaying the Wal-Mart brand. The U.S. retail giant has tied up with India’s Bharti Enterprises to set up hundreds of stores across the country. Good news for Indian retail sector and as well as India’s booming middle class populations.


In keeping with its strategy of partnering global companies for business forays, Bharti Enterprises today said it had initialled an agreement with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc for a retail venture on a wholesale cash-and-carry basis.

�It is a partnership of equals (50:50). Big investments are in the pipeline,� Bharti Enterprises Chairman Sunil Mittal said on the sidelines of the India Economic Summit here. While Wal-Mart will provide backend logistics support involving sourcing, Bharti will handle the front-end retail aspect by setting up �several hundred� stores across India, the first of which is scheduled to open next year.

There will be an initial investment of over $100 million, a figure that will grow manifold in the future.


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  1. Wal-mart has had a history of not being very nice to its employees and suppliers. However, I am sure its coming to India is a good news for general public.

  2. Well the liberals in America certainly don’t like Walmart, however America does. The liberals real upset is that Walmart does not have a union, nor does its employees want one or they would certainly have one. Every person I have ever met who has worked for Walmart has raved about how great it is to work there and yes I know several people who are employed by them across the country.

    So good for them and good for Bharti. I hope it’s a great success and the people of India feel well served by a company that is happy to bring them a wide variety of goods for good prices.


  3. @Ajay

    I dont think it should be any problem, every organissation has its own policy for its employees some people like some doesnt. At the end organisation known by its sucess and business so I guess its good move for India.

    Well the liberals in America certainly don’t like Walmart, however America does. Same you can say about Indian’s, communist dont like this move but other democratic parties do like it. It will create big job for Indians and plus also increase the competition.

  4. Anything that will improve the standards of goods, prices, overall delivery, ideas.. is always welcome.

    Welcome Walmart ! There is no harm in allowing them direct entry too. No need to tie up.

  5. LOL! I’ve heard some good jokes about Wal Mart. Anyway, we have another mall in the competition.

  6. @Apun

    Very well said mate “Anything that will improve the standards of goods, prices, overall delivery, ideas.. is always welcome”


    what is the joke?

  7. wow! it is really great that a retail giant like walmart is coming to india as a partner with bharti . it will really benifitted for indian consumers so welcome walmart!

  8. Hi

    All the best to you & people related to it.They bring you lot of new job & boom the india economy.I am looking forwarding to be a part of it. Awaiting a positive response.Can tell me the mail id & a person to contact to get in to retail sector

    Jatin Bhatt

  9. cool

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