From Hero to Zero Downfall of Indian Cricket Team Continue!

We seem to follow the path of self destruction instead of establishing a momentum of winning. What happened to our last world cup finalist’s heroes? We had showed our character at same place only few years ago where we reached world cup final without having any serious trouble. Indian cricket team who had does some fabulous things in past has now forgets how to win, and players are not showing the stomach to fight. Individual become shadows of their former shelves.

It’s hard to believe that Indian cricketers who reached last world cup finals changed so much from superb team to second rate team.

Watching recent loosing trends of Indian cricket team in South Africa is absolutely heartbroken. Finalists of last world cup were unrecognizable. It was a performance of haunting incompetence.

Many tabloids and media started blaming the Indian coach, but for me there is nothing wrong with coach or his cricketing technicalities but the problems were and are in the minds of the players. They have lost self confidence and lost the appetite for winning matches and trophy.

The character and confidence which we had showed few years ago has been lost. When we were on our peak we forgets established a pattern of self believe and winning appetite. We created a momentum of our own down fall.

For me it doesn’t have to be this way. Indian team at least on papers is one of the best team in world but on fields I can’t find words to describe. Instead of carrying a momentum and character we had showed in last world cup and established our dynasty and dominance in cricket stage we gone towards disaster.

The nightmare is unfolding and Indians players collectively need to put a stop to it. Blaming coach or back room staff is not going work or finding any other excuses for loosing matches will put more misery for Indian team as well followers of Indian cricketers. Indian players need to rebuild their own self believe and confidence and come out in field with an appetite of winning the match.

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  1. Well for one, the majority of the players who reached the last world cup finals don’t figure in the team, or are out of form. I actually have a few things to say myself, just waiting for the one day series to end.

    I can’t help but laugh when I read an article in the newspaper blaming the coach. He has nothing to do with the performance, its the players who play on the field.

  2. Blaming the coach is looking for excuses. The silly willy politicians who never talk about debacle of Football, Indian Olympic Games Participation, Hockey – are unqualified, and opportunistic.

    First of all get rid of Suresh Kalmadi – heading IOA for as many years as u can recall. Get rid of Priya Ranjan Das Munshi – heading Football Federation of India. These people are not even honestly trying.

    At least Greg Chappel is honest, is trying, and does not mince words.

  3. It is really pathetic to see a Indian team like this .

    I know it is not good to say that the Coach is fully responsible for this . But one has to understand that , if a student is not doing well , it is the responsibility of the teacher to make him to do well .

    And one more prob with the coach is that , he is not leaving the selection of team choice and the game plan to the captian who should be dictator and solo decision maker in and out of the field . One can feel the wrong game plans in this tour .When SA were 75/6 , one should make the fast bowlers bowl and get them all out .Instead Bajji and tendulkar were made to bowl .

    The coach says that , the players should be flexible enough to play at any position and he is moving the team order as his wish . This can be done and said in the other way , Even the top order fails , the middle and lower order should be able to play all the bowlers which comes by making them pracise them in the nets and not by sending them up the order in the game.

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  5. @Nosh

    Thanks alot buddy for sharing the information. I am so shoscked to see that just trying to find right way to deal with it.


    Blame game is part of Indian life I guess, No one wants to take respo. Grown kids and take some respo. I will wait for your article.

    DOnt even talk about Mr.Munshi he is only one respo of Decline of Indian football. Just Rubbish….Chappel is doing what he can do its up to players to perform, if they cant perform then they should take respo..

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing yoru views us. Well coach is doing all right nothing wrong with his strategy and even I am not sure about your claim that he is interfering in feild management.

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