India surprises with 9.2% growth

Good News for Indian’s India’s economic growth unexpectedly accelerated to 9.2 percent last quarter. The expansion reported by the Central Statistical Organisation in New Delhi today was faster than the 8.9 percent predicted by economists for the three months ended Sept. 30 from a year earlier.There are 700 million Indians under the age of 30, This makes India an economic threat to all the other countries in the world. These 700 million young Indians will hopefully build India as the Economy Super Power of the world.

India put on an unexpected spurt of growth in the last quarter fuelled by sharply rising consumer credit and government spending, increasing the prospects that the central bank will raise borrowing costs for the fourth time in a year.

The economy, Asia’s second-fastest growing, expanded 9.2 per cent in the three months to September, according to provisional data released on Thursday by the Central Statistical Organisation.

It was the sixth quarter out of the past seven in which gross domestic product growth has exceeded 8 per cent and among the strongest quarterly rises India has recorded, adding to fears of overheating, particularly in the red-hot property sector

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  1. feels good… whatz the inflation percentage?

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed, for more surprises. Inflation of last quarter is inscreasted to somewhere 5+%.

  3. Feels good. But it’s one side of the story, I feel. These numbers have to be reflected in better living standards by way of health, shelter, education, infrastructure etc.

  4. Thats great news. Thanks only to the private sector.
    If the govt. does its job – using taxes in a proper way, building infrastructure, ensuring fair law and order, and tackling mob-frenzy mentality – a lot of progress is possible.

  5. @Vin

    I havent checked the inflation rate but let you know asap.

    Even my finger is crossed mate, thanks for inof about inflation rate.

    Well ofcourse its one sided history but hoping for the best.

    Well said.

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