Sorry for not posting lately !!

Ekawaaz here once again, I am sorry but I have had some problems to post lately. I have had good and bad days. I am doing pretty well. I am alot more mobile than I expected. I only have internet access in the near by cyber café, as I am not in Delhi due to some personal problem and staying in one remote village, where internet is not avail and even reliance cards doesn’t work so I have to travel near by café to check emails. Because of these problems and ups and downs I don’t get much time to read news and post as I should.

I wanted to take a minute to thank every one who has emailed me or left the message on my blog. Thank You….Thank You….Thank You for all care, love and consideration……. 

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Each of You


May the NEW YEAR Bring Peace & Happiness to ALL

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to be posting as soon as possible.

Love you all, 


Sorry about not posting !!

Hi friends, I’m sorry for not posting anything for such a long time. For those who kept checking my blog and asking if I am ok or not, I appreciate your care and understanding. Things have been difficult with work and then the also I am busy with my some personal problems which I think some of you understand about it.  These are not all the reasons why I haven’t posted, as I have been finding some difficulty in seeing anything clearly because of some real personal problems. I’m still generally optimistic but so much happened that still doesn’t make sense to me, or better say shouldn’t have happened, in my opinion. I don’t intend to remain stuck in the past and I intend to focus more on what can be done instead of just asking what went wrong. So much have happened since I last posted that I can’t comment on all in just one post. I am in India, reached Delhi yesterday night with loads of delays not for holidays but for some family problem reasons, so hoping every thing will be sorted out soon. Thanks again for all those who kept checking and asking and I hope I will be able to be more consistent in the future. Soon I will be back with some great news and comments.

Kiss causes storm in India, A Kiss can be much more than a kiss

India known as land of the Kamasutra, but public displays of affection remains strictly taboo in our country. Only few days ago many tabloids carry out the famous news about kissing between the Rajasthan CM and Biocon India Chief Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

And now every tabloid is carrying out the news of Bollywood heartthrobs accused of obscenity for on-screen kiss. This sort of news has again showed India’s attitudes towards kissing and sexual equality.

A kiss is amazing thing and its one of best thing to show your affection towards other person which words can’t express and two hearts cant share between them. But if you kiss someone publicly in India means only one thing you in deep desire to have a running with the law.

In my opinion Kiss is just a simple expression of showing love and affection, I don’t understand why these some pathetic people says we can’t express our love and affection in the way we like too, why always we have to look over our shoulder?

Indian public who always pay attention and applauds when tourist people kiss in public or watch celebrity in movies or in plays kissing each other, why always goes for dual mentality?

A person who says Kissing in public is wrong I want to know why it is wrong. Why they always believe that kissing is always a close door thing? We live in free society and talk about freedom then at least for me we are talking of freedom in every aspects of life, if we can not practice this simple and harmless expression to show our love to some one whom we care, then its all rubbish talking about liberation and freedom.

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Blog Contents is Being Stolen:Content Theft

This post is a result of an alert and one link given by noshtradamus informing me that someone is copying contents of my blog Ekawaaz to


When I looked noshtradamus comment saying that some of my posts were on another site listed underneath a different name, I was expecting to find yet another splog scraping my content. But when I visited the blog, I was so shocked to see that all my contents has been copied word by word and posted it by some one call Cais under his name. Blog is hosted by some company called


I am thinking how to go about this and complain to remove my contents from the doggie website but if you or you know some one who have gone through this and can advise me please do. Please help!

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Asia’s Hot Growth Companies: 2006

India’s 5 companies made it into the list of recently published report by Business Week “Asia’s 100 Hot Growth Companies.

The top Indian companies, their overall rank and the nature of their industry are as follows:

22. Hexaware Technologies: IT Consulting & Other Services

29. Matrix Laboratories: Pharmaceuticals

33. Dabur India: Personal Products

50. MphasiS BFL: IT Consulting & Other Services

89. Wockhardt: Pharmaceuticals

For Full List Please Click following link:

Asia’s 100 Hot Growth Companies

Business week ranking of companies are based on companies three-year growth in sales, profits, and return on invested capital and companies were also required to have annual sales of more than US$50 million and less than US$500 million.

Asia’s 100 Hot Growth Methodology


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‘If I have to seduce, I do it’

I don’t know what you want to call her but for me only three words for her Big Head and Slut!!

Sultry siren Riya Sen thinks that her interest in good-looking boys makes her a controversial woman in the tinsel town. But she is helpless to get rid of her habit of falling for hot hunks.


“You know I take lot of interest in sexy men. If I find someone really worth seducing, I don’t leave the opportunity.


“I don’t want to get into any relationship right now. In fact, I have earned a sexy image in the film industry and I am enjoying it. I want to make the most of this.



Read Full Interview…

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Has India Gone Nuts?

Now quotas by religion? Remember Mr. V.P. Singh, who implemented the Mandal Commission recommendations as Prime Minister in 1990, is now come up with one more demand, Quota for Muslims too.

Hello? Wake UP…Has India gone nuts? What the hell is happening? Is our Democracy is dead? Why can’t one leader just one leader talk about equal opportunity? Why cant government and our so called leaders think of sorting out primary education system instead taking short cuts? Why they can’t provide the basic rights to all citizens of our beloved country equally? When our politicians get out of this caste & religion based politics and think for Indian’s and India. God Bless India.


V P Singh demands quota for Muslims

New Delhi: Seeking to revive the Mandal issue, former Prime Minister V P Singh on Saturday said Muslims should be accommodated in a sub-quota created within the 27 per cent quota earmarked in the Commission report.

“We are not demading a quota additional to the existing 27 per cent. We are seeking a sub-quota for Muslims,” Singh told reporter in Delhi.

“No Constitutional amendment is required. It is simple to implement. Since it will not disturb the existing reservation ratio, even BJP would not have any objection to it,” Singh said.


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India’s economy only getting stronger

Yes! Size of cake is getting bigger day by day. Indian economy is growing faster than any one expected only 2 days ago Central Statistical Organisation reported that India’s economic growth unexpectedly accelerated to 9.2 percent last quarter. It going to be more stronger in coming years because of purchasing power parity is getting higher every day. India is now third after the US and China and ahead of Japan.

India’s expanding economy is drawing an increasing number of interested Thai investors as it is likely become one of the world’s key engines of growth in the near future, according to a leading financial sector expert.

“India today offers great opportunities in virtually every sector of the economy, be it infrastructure development, cement, textiles, services or others,” said Anand Rathi, chairman of Anand Rathi, a leading India-based financial-services company. “Thailand, which has strength in agricultural-related goods, can participate in this growth either in the agricultural sector or others.”

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Campaign for a real Christmas: Religious leaders unite against political correctness

Well Done. This make sense any attempts to suppress Christmas bring a backlash and Muslims get the blame. Like we heard earlier that some local authority attempts to stamp out Christmas include Birmingham’s decision to name its seasonal celebrations ‘Winterval’ and Luton’s attempt to change Christmas into a Harry Potter festival by renaming its festive lights ‘Luminos’ just appease particular community. Any more attempts similar to these will have bigger backlash. Christmas causes no offence to minority faiths, banning it offends almost everybody. Merry Christmas to all in advance.

A campaign to save the traditions of Christmas from the interference of politically correct town halls was launched by an influential coalition of Christian and Muslim leaders yesterday.

Leaders of the two faiths warned that attempts to suppress Christmas bring a backlash and Muslims get the blame.

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