Campaign for a real Christmas: Religious leaders unite against political correctness

Well Done. This make sense any attempts to suppress Christmas bring a backlash and Muslims get the blame. Like we heard earlier that some local authority attempts to stamp out Christmas include Birmingham’s decision to name its seasonal celebrations ‘Winterval’ and Luton’s attempt to change Christmas into a Harry Potter festival by renaming its festive lights ‘Luminos’ just appease particular community. Any more attempts similar to these will have bigger backlash. Christmas causes no offence to minority faiths, banning it offends almost everybody. Merry Christmas to all in advance.

A campaign to save the traditions of Christmas from the interference of politically correct town halls was launched by an influential coalition of Christian and Muslim leaders yesterday.

Leaders of the two faiths warned that attempts to suppress Christmas bring a backlash and Muslims get the blame.

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  1. Good for them. I am so tired of this view that everyone wants to get rid of Christmas. In my opinion it is a small group that tries to make everyone believe Christmas is offensive.

    I’m not offended by Passover or Kwanza or any other religious holiday – why would anyone be offended by the holidays I celebrate? This is the type of thing that divides people under the guise of equality. It’s bull and I’m glad these folks called them on it.

  2. @WC

    If anyone tries to get rid of any tradition and values just becuase of pleasing other community then you take my word, every one should get ready for I dont think …Festivals and traditions offend anyone or any ones religions.

  3. You might be interested in this song and video
    All the best

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