India’s economy only getting stronger

Yes! Size of cake is getting bigger day by day. Indian economy is growing faster than any one expected only 2 days ago Central Statistical Organisation reported that India’s economic growth unexpectedly accelerated to 9.2 percent last quarter. It going to be more stronger in coming years because of purchasing power parity is getting higher every day. India is now third after the US and China and ahead of Japan.

India’s expanding economy is drawing an increasing number of interested Thai investors as it is likely become one of the world’s key engines of growth in the near future, according to a leading financial sector expert.

“India today offers great opportunities in virtually every sector of the economy, be it infrastructure development, cement, textiles, services or others,” said Anand Rathi, chairman of Anand Rathi, a leading India-based financial-services company. “Thailand, which has strength in agricultural-related goods, can participate in this growth either in the agricultural sector or others.”

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  1. Thankyou India Inc. You make us provide. For the first time in several centuries, indians are able to walk tall around the world.. ok.. somewhat tall :).

    DO NOT LET the nasty Politicians destroy you by reservations, caste, red-tape and corruption. India belongs as much to YOU and ME, as to the Netas.

  2. oops provide=proud.

  3. The jokers in power need to make use of the Huge Taxes they are collecting into building infrastructure. If they can’t do that they should get out of the way and let private sector build infrastructure – not for free – for profit.

    Sitting and not building infra. and not allowing others to do it – is not an option. Appeasement and mob culture needs to give way to law and order and progress. Alas… only if these jokers were honest.

  4. @Apun
    Thats correct do not let the politcians destroy this I am 200% agree with you. Well if they get out of the way and let the private sector develop our infrastructure how they will make money for their grand children..Bloody corrupt politicians..

  5. Found this article today: New U.S. Alliance With India Forges Key Strategic Relationship. It says that the new alliance “will pave the way for arguably the most important strategic relationship the U.S. will establish for many years to come.”

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