Kiss causes storm in India, A Kiss can be much more than a kiss

India known as land of the Kamasutra, but public displays of affection remains strictly taboo in our country. Only few days ago many tabloids carry out the famous news about kissing between the Rajasthan CM and Biocon India Chief Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

And now every tabloid is carrying out the news of Bollywood heartthrobs accused of obscenity for on-screen kiss. This sort of news has again showed India’s attitudes towards kissing and sexual equality.

A kiss is amazing thing and its one of best thing to show your affection towards other person which words can’t express and two hearts cant share between them. But if you kiss someone publicly in India means only one thing you in deep desire to have a running with the law.

In my opinion Kiss is just a simple expression of showing love and affection, I don’t understand why these some pathetic people says we can’t express our love and affection in the way we like too, why always we have to look over our shoulder?

Indian public who always pay attention and applauds when tourist people kiss in public or watch celebrity in movies or in plays kissing each other, why always goes for dual mentality?

A person who says Kissing in public is wrong I want to know why it is wrong. Why they always believe that kissing is always a close door thing? We live in free society and talk about freedom then at least for me we are talking of freedom in every aspects of life, if we can not practice this simple and harmless expression to show our love to some one whom we care, then its all rubbish talking about liberation and freedom.

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  1. Oh the drama 😉

  2. Sounds crazy, but people will raise hue and cry for anything

  3. Wow, I can’t believe that. I had no idea you couldn’t kiss in public in India. Reminds me of Victorian times or something. And you’re right, it is a good thing – one of the few left.

  4. Yuck.. for both the kissies above. I have seen Dhoom 2 and there was no passion in the scene, they should be accused arousing false hype.

    A kiss with love,affection, passion cannot be wrong either in public. But kiss in public are mostly to grab attentions, that makes this heavenly expereince a hell. What do you think, the kiss between the CM and Shaw has any quality, a businessperson and a politiicna kissing, worst thing I ever dream of. Such thing is not healthy.

    What about kiss of HR and AR. They coldn’t even pretend love. Cleraly Ash was uncomfortable, and what was the requirement of the kissing scene. contd….

  5. What causes a stir here in da West is if/when women breastfeed in public.
    I saw on TV once, hopefully they found the real wired ones, women that breastfeed kids up to 8-10 years old and sometimes in public.

  6. Have we forgotten that we live in the dark ages? LOL! But I do agree with JV, kisses in Indian public are mostly to grab attention than being a passionate one.

    But I don’t see whats wrong with the first kiss… whats the fuss all about?

  7. both kiss wrong in india,
    all over world india spread our culture as welas other country adopting it repidly ,
    the kiss in public place give wrong indication to up coming ganeration
    . now india facing majar problem due to adopting bulgerness from western world

  8. Long time no blog… whats up man? Hope everything is alright with you. Waiting for your new posts.

  9. The Kiran Majumdar Shaw and CM kissing!!! A typical Times of India group picture. This picture was splashed across all their group publications including the Economic Times. Such a tabloid!! I am all for females kissing in public (;-)), but does one seriously think that two women, especially of their status, would ever kiss in public in India????

    Some time back the TOI did something similar with a picture of Sania Mirza and some other female tennis star. The angle in which TOI took the picture would make anyone think that too cuties were just about to kiss each other on the mouth. Another newspaper published the same moment and one could see that the two girls were going to give each other the typical peck on the cheek at the net when the match gets over.

  10. In the old hindi movies, it used to me “Miss the kiss by a milimeter”

  11. Hey ekawaaz …. are you around? It has been awhile

  12. Welcome Home.

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  14. I am studing media here in London, and my hypthesis is looking at the americaisation of Bollywood…& kissing is def 1…can u guys think of any others?

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  16. Well why cant people in the west have sex in public…

    some emotions are best expressed privetely ..
    in the west … sexual arousal is express privatly … in india both sex and kiss are private emotions … what mistake do find in that??

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