Thackeray Hate Campaign Continue…..

Bal Thackeray is a goon, a criminal who loves to give lecture about patriotism but always try to break this great country unity into small republic at every point just because of votes. I have been watching both (Bal and Udav) Thackeray’s comments and speeches since last 3-4 months and only thing coming out form their mouth is hate, hate and more hatred towards India.


They are projecting themselves in their own local party magazine as they are Messiah of all Maharashtra and only people who thinks for Maharashtrian’s. My question is that who the hell they are? Criminals can’t think of any one benefits as whole. It is not the first time that the self-confessed admirer of Adolf Hitler is vomiting all hate and more hate. Bal Thackeray and his party is the one who is responsible for riots and killing many innocents. He is one who started violence against south Indian in Maharashtra to get the votes, now they are doing again this time targeting North Indians just for votes and power.

The biggest issues India facing today, is how to clean up this mess in politics who project themselves messiah of particularly community and give out hatred speeches against other community just because of some votes. These sorts of politicians use certain regional and ethnic disputes and make use of them for instant benefits during elections, and then leave them un-settled and insecure India.

Politicians or should I called traitors like Bal Thackeray and Udav Thackeray are the tumors for our society and country. Remove them as soon as possible it will kill India soon. These tumors are spreading fast and we need to clean this up or we should be ready to face consequences and see the division of India just like USSR.

Every Indian is free to live in any part of India without any fear or some other kind of backlash. Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray should be tried as a traitor as both are trying to break the unity of the nation, dividing this country on the basis of region, language and religion.

Both Thackeray are really a looser and needs to be brought to their senses, basically they both are power hungry blind in the lust of winning next election has made them loose senses and gone wild mad.

I still don’t understand why the hell state government and central government still choose to watch without taking any concrete steps to clean up this mess and dirt from India. Arrest them; cancel their publications or any publication which incite hatred towards any community. We don’t need sick leader’s had enough of them.

Bal sings Raj’s tune, slams Biharis in writing

New Delhi: The barbs against Biharis continue in Maharashtra. After Maharashtra Navnirman Sena supremo Raj Thackeray’s tirade against the state’s north Indian, Shiv Sena supremo too Bal Thackeray jumped into the fray.

In an editorial published in Sena mouthpiece Saamna on Wednesday, Thackeray Senior says there are no lessons to be learnt from Bihari leaders as there are several legal cases pending against them.


  1. Well MAHARASTRA, a great state, what has it give India ? Shivaji, a great hero – no one doubts it, but he was fighting for HIS independence or Hindus ?
    He coined the popular quotation,

    “Maratha tituka milavava
    Maharashtra Dharma vadhavava”

    translates as, “Bring as many people into Maratha domain as possible and grow the Maharashtra Nation”. MNS and Shiv sena are you listening?

    Who were these Marathas? The origin of the Marathi-speaking community of Maharashtra cannot be identified with certainty. Whether the term itself is derived from Maharashtra or whether the land assumes the name from its dwellers is difficult to say.

    Anyways apart from a handful, rest is zilch. What rest is there has created a pain in the butt.. Ambedkar – should have been shot ..who killed the father of the nation ? Actually Mumbai and hence Maharastra has come up due to the Parsis and the Gujjus, who have invested everthing there during the British Raj.. have made Mumbai what it is.. Take them away and what are u left with ?? Think

    Bala Saheb and MNS.. u are spoiling the name of Maharastra by your petty politics !!

  2. Islam bhai,
    Salam. have you heard that Biharis in NEPAL are fighting for Madhesh? Do you justify separate state in nepal for Biharis? evenif they are staying for Century? And if you justify you are most welcome to be in Patna not in Mumbai.
    Why are talking only about Mumbai? why are you or Delhi press is talking about Gorkhaland?

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