Regional language versus Law! India Gone Nuts

Now Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra is going to ask Government of India to amend the Indian Motor Vehicle Act so that Locals of Maharashtra states should be allowed to displays their Vehicles Registration Number Plate in local Regional Language. What a Stupidity. Indian Motor vehicle act clearly specifies that all registration plate of vehicles should be written in English and numerals in Arabic. It not because we are trying to undermine regional language it’s just because its helps people to easily identify vehicles in case of an accident or the latter being used for unlawful activities ( crimes).

If a number plate of Maharashtra Vehicles written in Marathi then what will happen if these vehicle travel to other states say for example Goa, how the hell police or locals will be able to read or recognized the number plates of vehicles if vehicles is involved in any accident or be used for crime activity.

I would request these entire politicians please not to drag all regional issues just for the sake of Vote Bank. Please do some productive work for your own local people don’t make them fool by creating hue and cry for Non Sense issues.