The Day India Cried!! November 26 2008 Mumbai Attack!!!

November 26th 2008 it was a day of great sadness and loss of many innocents’ lives. It will not — and should not — be forgotten!


 The day when our beloved Mumbai was taken by surprise, our beloved Mumbai was attacked by coward terrorist, many innocents died, many children’s becomes orphan, many parents lost their children’s, our pride has been hit, coward terrorist killed brutally our people for no reason, But you coward terrorist I promise you we will find you, we will not sit quite this time, we will find you even in hell.

God Bless India ! Jai Hind !

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  1. My only request to the police and NSA is, when you find terrorists, please don’t shoot them. Our bullets are too expensive for these fellow. Please handover the terrorists to the public. Chappals are cheaper these day.. Death by shooting, death by hanging se behetar hain “Death by Chappal Maar” 🙂

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