Indian Leaders no longer have any shame: Mumbai Terrorist Attack and Some of Leader’s Comments: Insult to Our Heroes and Our Democracy

Indian Leaders no longer have any shame: Mumbai Terrorist Attack and Some of Leader’s Comments: Insult to Our Heroes and Our Democracy

On 26th November 2008, Almost 190 people were killed and more than 350 injured in a biggest-ever terrorist attack on India and its financial capital Mumbai.  Our NSG commandos, Army, Police and firefighter’s fought almost 60hrs to liberate our financial capital. All our people, NSG Commandos, Army, police and firefighters fought like heroes and almost 20 of our heroes sacrificed their life to save other’s life and to liberate our Mumbai. We know we are finally over from worst ever attack on our Indian soil but there is anger among us. We as a common man want answers from leaders about this attack and loss of lives of brave heroes and all innocents’ people who were brutally killed by some cowards. But unfortunately people who are supposed to lead us from this difficult time and show us new path with full of light and new begging are trying to undermining our people power, insulting our heroes who had sacrificed their life for this beloved country and trying hard to politcizing this worst ever terror attack for their vote bank.

Look out some of the comments from our leader’s after this attack, when they can’t face people anger about attack in Mumbai and people’s questioning about their responsibility and honesty.

Mr. R.R.Patil Ex. Deputy CM and Home Minister Maharashtra: Shame on You

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil on Saturday kicked off a row when he said “such small incidents happen” with reference to terror attacks in Mumbai. “Such small incidents happen..”, was what Patil, who also holds the Home portfolio, told reporters, little realising his faux pas.  What led to the controversy are his remarks ” bade shahron mein aise ek adh hadse hote rahte hain. Woh 5,000 logon ko marne aye the lekin humne kitna kum nuksan hone diya . (Such small incidents happen in big cities. They (terrorists) came to kill 5,000 people but we ensured minimal damage)”.

Mr. Patil has gone mad. If he can’t properly deliver his responsibility then atleast keeps his mouth shut. Shame on you Mr.Patil. I Just hope in next election people will throw him out and teach him lesson.


BJP party Vice President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s: Insult to our Democracy and People of India

While reacting to the demonstrations against politicians in the wake of Mumbai terror attacks, Naqvi had said, “Some women wearing lipstick and powder have taken to streets in Mumbai and are abusing politicians spreading dissatisfaction against democracy. This is what terrorists are doing in Jammu and Kashmir.”  He said “in difficult times like these” some groups have decided to “wage a war against democracy” rather than waging war against the menace of terror.

Mr.Naqvi is also gone mad, because he just can’t handle people genuine anger and just can’t answer some basic questions. I still don’t understand how the hell people like these become leaders of India’s national party. BJP should sack him straight away if they have any shame and feel the pain of normal people of this country.


Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan: Insult to our Hero Late. Major Sandeep and His Family

Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan: Insult to our Hero Late. Major Sandeep and His Family

“If it had not been (Major) Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way.”

This was how Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan responded on Monday to the family of NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan slain in the Mumbai terror attack during commando operations, igniting a controversy after smarting under the snub from the angry father

of the officer when he went to Bangalore to offer his condolences.

This guy is joker and shame on India politics and Kerala.  What he think of himself? In my opinion he is not even close to become a dog forget about CM of Kerala. I just hope people of Kerala should be listening him and make sure that he should be treated the way he has treated our slain hero. Well Sorry I forgot he is communist (may be china agent) so we should not expect him treat Indian hero as his hero. Shame on YOU Mr.Achuthanandan and Shame on people who has voted for him last time and communist party.


SHAME ON Indian LEADERS: ‘India Must Throw Out Bad Leaders’


  1. Politicians will be very happy and ready to take advantage of the mayhem. They know that the common man is always busy in working and taking care of his EMI. Like an idiot every time he will forget about how these politicians have ruined the country and vote for these buggers. These politicians are more dangerous than the terrorists. At least our brave commandos can kill these terrorists but the same brave commandos have to protect these wicked politicians and wait for them to ruin the country.

    Politicians have not done anything for the progress of the country. They are a sin to the society. What ever development has to happen it will happen through the ambitious common man who wants make our country a better place to live. And the terrorist know this, so they do not target the politicians, they target the common man who is in the stride to achieve bigger things for himself and for his country.

    Politicians will come back to streets screaming “Jai Maharastra” along with his goons and beat up a common and the common man will have fresh worries to handle until the next terror attack.

    God save our country from these politicians and the whole world from terrorists.

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  3. Let’s apologize to that family. These politicians will never do that. If you sincerely feel please do that online here
    Let’s show our solidarity.

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