Pakistan Leadership is dancing on the bodies of our innocent people and laughing: Pakistan to demand handing over of Most Wanted terrorists from Delhi: Mr. Bal Thackeray is the most prominent name!

Pakistan Leadership is dancing on the bodies of our innocent people and laughing:  Pakistan to demand handing over of Most Wanted terrorists from Delhi: Mr. Bal Thackeray is the most prominent name.


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad has prepared a list of some 35 top terrorists, involved in a number of terror activities in Pakistan and is set to hand over the names to Delhi seeking an early arrest and handing over of the accused to Pakistan, the British daily The ‘Daily Mail’ reported on Wednesday.

According to well-placed sources, the list has been prepared by the Pakistan Foreign Office and the Ministry of Interior, with the assistance of police and intelligence authorities, in the backdrop of the investigations of different incidents of terrorism and sabotage in different parts of the country.


Pakistan’s Leadership became an international joke. Current leadership of Pakistan and its response to India demand about handling over 20 terrorist involved in this attack shows that Pakistan is a failed state may be not in terms of economics but for sure in terms of ideology. It would be better for Pakistan to act fast enough without indulging into tit for tat policy so that people from all over the world start believing in them and share their point of view also. Pakistan just don’t understand or I should say they don’t want to understand that no one is blaming Pakistan government or normal citizen involved in attack.
All we are saying that initial investigation and by going through the words of sole terrorist captured in Mumbai is that planning was made in Pakistan and they had full support of some real people and organization in executing this attack on Indian soil. It’s just sad that leader’s of Pakistan are not ready to accept the truth,  that there are many organization working in Pakistan and enjoying support of many real people organization in organizing, planning and executing terror attack in India and also in Afghanistan, and it’s not allegations it’s a truth. It would be better if Pakistan understands this, accept this and start fighting with this mess created by their own people and by their own agencies for many different reasons. This sort of response by Pakistan political leaders is damaging the nation self respect among the world community.
Stop this game, don’t try to test our passions any more, if we lose our passions it will be very difficult for you find place to hide your face.

Government of India should take decisive action this time, we must fight back.


My Fellow Citizens and Leader’s: Time to Declare War on the Enemy

My Fellow Citizens and Leader’s: Time to Declare War on the Enemy


Many of us are going through anger, deep feeling of insecurity and sleepless night after seeing the brutal killing of our fellow citizens in Mumbai (Bombay) on 26th of November 2008. Many leader’s has resigned from government and some more will follow taking moral responsibility of this worst ever attack on Indian soil since our creation. Resignation of our top cabinet minister won’t solve the very basic problem and won’t give us answer of the question we are asking. Many of us felt glad and felt light hearted after hearing the resignation of ministers but my heart still pondering about the very basic question. How did our system failed? How this did happen why no one from our all security agency came forward and accepted this fact?  

I am as citizen of India not really bothered about what minster or bureaucrat got what portfolios, who has resigned and who has failed in performing its own duty. All I want from this government and agencies to give us a clear picture, be responsible and answerable about this brutal killings of my fellow innocent citizens. Resignation or sacking of minster and bureaucrats’ is just a trick of diverting our mind from main question to another one.

This is a fact that our system failed to protect us on 26th November and all I want from government is to come forward accept this truth and tell us how they want to rectify this failure, tell us clearly who are responsible for this barbaric act and what our government will be doing to bring these terrorist to justice.

Government is ruling out any military action against the enemies of this country. So how we are going to deal with this enemy? As per primary report suggest that all terrorist were from Pakistan, and our government did requested to Pakistan to hand over these terrorist to us, but Pakistan not only refused to do so but also stretched out that even if we provide them evidence about their involvement they won’t hand over them to us but will be tried in Pakistan only under Pakistan law.

So what option left for our government? How we going to get these people? I want simple answer. Pressure game is not going to solve any purpose, we had seen this tactics in past and I am sure I don’t have to say that it’s a failure especially in our case.

American’s leader’s can issue as many as statements in support and sympathy of India’s but take my word they won’t be able to put any direct pressure on Pakistan as they need their support in “War on terrorism” especially on Afghanistan border. Like President Elect Mr. Obama has said India has every right to protect herself, why can’t our government say this sort statement? Why our governments want us to keep calm? We have been keeping our calm and respect since long but it’s enough now. Enough is enough

We had seen in past that despite pressure from all over the world, Pakistan still supports terrorist organization operating in so called Azad Kashmir or we call Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. To please the world master Pakistan, She did banned groups, put false sanctions on them but never ever arrested people belonging to these terrorist groups and handed over to Interpol. Why? How the hell is this possible that despite ban and sanction these organization still operating with different names but doing similar work (Making Terrorist and playing with the life of innocents).

As per current situation and current state of mind Pakistan position is unacceptable. By refusing India’s demand to hand over the most wanted terrorist shows Pakistan is not ready to change its policy (giving harbor to terrorist organization), no matter what ever government of Pakistan say or sympathizes on Mumbai attack.

We must understand this clearly that Pakistan policy of keep denying the facts pose a danger to our country. If we really want to eliminate this danger we must act within our rights to protect our self and our country from terrorist. We need a determined program to eliminate this threat, a proper security system, and disaster management tool and on time response unit if we really want to make sure this country is safe from coward terrorist. We needed now is a comprehensive political and military strategy for bringing down these terrorist organization operation in POK with support of ISI. I know it will not be easy and the course of action I favor is not without its problems and perils. But I believe the vital national interests of our country require the attack on terrorist targets and their bases no matter where ever they are situated.

This is a high time for us and for our government to act and destroy this network or we will be facing more threats from these terrorist and if we really fail to act this time then we just wait and watch the sorry state of our beloved country and we will see the making of another Iraq or Afghanistan on Indian soil.

I just hope and wish that our government will present precious gift to us and also to people of this world who love freedom and democracy by destroying these terrorist base and leaders of terrorist organization working against the humanity and India. We must stand united in this moment of crisis and extend all sorts of support and wishes to our government to take tough action against enemies of India.  The Government has to make up its mind about what it will do.  It should consider all the options it has including taking army action where ever we need, but never on the basis of party politics or vote bank politics. I support that the action must take place and that action must be decisive.

I do have different opinion about our national government but I still wish to stand by the government.  I am prepared to stand by present government, if government is prepared to stand by the nation and make a decisive move with clear communication and strategy.

Remember we have suffered a blow on the heart and soul of India. Mumbai Attack was not terrorist attack but an attack against India. So we must act and we should call war on the enemy and take a decisive action.