Communist Leader’s are Arrogant: No Longer have any shames

Communist Leader’s are Arrogant: No Longer have any shames

Only few days ago Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan: Insulted our Hero Late. Major Sandeep and His Family now it’s a turn of another leader’s from Communist Party of India (Marxist). Two CPI M leaders (MP Varkala V. Radhakrishnanand MP K. S. Manoj) with their arrogant behavior cause major flight delay at New Delhi airport Times of India website reported today.

Most of the Indian Politicians do exactly what they did abuse of power and their position because of their arrogant behavior and attitude. Abuse of political power by elected member’s and appointed or selected top officials has a long history in the India. It is a most common thing practice by our most of the leader’s (Abuse of Power) since our Independence.

I do realize and know that there are some honest leaders we have today and I thank to God for this. But we also must keep in our mind that there are many politicians, officials in India and in parliament are corrupt and liar and is still leading this country only because we vote for them to lead us.

It’s heartbroken to see that because this sort of leader’s who much more interested in their own personal and family gains, India is heading for disaster and if we do not throw out this type of leader’s out of power as soon as possible, disaster is not very far for India.


In what could be yet another case of politicians abusing their power, two CPM MPs from Kerala became the cause of major delay to a 
Delhi-Cochi Indian Airlines flight, according to a Times Now report. ( Watch )

Passengers were requested to deplane IC-465 when the plane developed a technical snag before departure. All passengers except Varkala Radhakrishnan, CPM MP from Chirayinkil and Dr KS Manoj, CPM MP from Alleppey refused to get down.

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