Pakistan Feared Attack by India on their Country

Pakistan feared attack by India on their country:

Today, BBC story pointed out that Pakistan’s High Commissioner to London (High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hassan) said there was evidence that India wanted “to teach Pakistan a lesson”. Mr. Hassan told the BBC that he had received the information in the wake of the worst ever terror attack on Indian soil.

While I agree war is a terrible thing and I do not want any of our soldiers hurt or get killed but the thought process of these fanatic terrorists and ISI has to be stopped. Mr. Hassan let me clear you here that normal Pakistanis are not our enemy, but fundamentalist Mullahs are, ISI yes, some of your leader’s yes, they are out to give all sort of support to Taliban’s, terrorist operating in Kashmir and in Afghanistan so that they can attack our country. Take my word these sorts of Mullahs, ISI and terrorist organization are enemies of Pakistan too. Your corrupt people and leader’s has a history of selling nuclear technology to rogue states (North Korea) and it is also fact that Pakistan is currently home of Taliban and many other deadly terrorist organization.

So what we have said or our government has requested to Pakistan government is to better keep your promise this time and go along with our idea and world idea of wiping out the terrorist organization operating within your country and getting all support from your notorious spy agency ISI.  Bombing and Killing innocents is not our motives, all we need either you take out crap created by your people or let other nation do this job if you are too cowards and can’t fight with these terrorist and chickens.

I don’t think fully fledged war is the only option for India, but yes once diplomacy fail, then of course it would be great if all nations who are affected by terrorism take a short term missing into Pakistan to wipe out these dirty terrorist.  

But before I end I would love to ask one question from Mr. Hassan

How much blood is enough to satisfy your ISI people?  Do you know what is difference between your ISI, ARMY, and in Indian’s?  You people love death, Indian loves life that is the very basic difference between you and us.  You people better sort out your policies this time or be ready to face consequences.


Pakistan feared India was planning to launch a military strike at the height of tensions over the Mumbai attacks, a senior Pakistani diplomat has said.  Pakistan’s High Commissioner to London said there was evidence that India wanted “to teach Pakistan a lesson”.  Islamabad denies involvement in the attacks which left at least 170 dead, but some of the gunmen are said to have had links to Pakistani militants.


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  1. here are some of the stunning shots of Taj Mahal Hotel during its old glory days. You can clearly see, this place would be tough to take back from the gunmen with automatic guns and grenades once a higher ground was claimed.

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