Mumbai Terrorist Attack – Pakistan Link confirmed: Mumbai Terrorists Came from Pakistan UK national News Paper confirmed with Proofs…

Mumbai Terrorists Attack – Pakistan Link confirmed: Mumbai Terrorists Came from Pakistan….UK national news paper confirmed with Proofs…

Ajmal Amir Kasab the sole terrorist captured alive after worst ever attack on Indian soil is from Pakistan UK news paper confirmed. Ajmal Amir Kasab parents names are on Pakistan electoral role and even local villager’s did confirmed to reporter that they know Kasab and he did belongs to Pakistan but left the village about 4 year ago.

Ajmal Amir Kasab, interrogated in custody after last month’s attacks, which killed 163 people, reportedly told Indian security officials that he came from a place called Faridkot in the Punjab province. His father was named as Mohammed Amir, married to a woman named Noor. During the past week, Pakistani sources have cast doubt on the authenticity of the leaked information, which has had a predictably explosive impact on relations between the two countries.

The Observer has obtained electoral lists for Faridkot showing 478 registered voters, including a Mohammed Amir, married to Noor Elahi. Amir’s and Noor’s national identity card numbers have also been obtained. At the address identified in the list, a man identifying himself as Sultan said he was the father-in-law of Mohammed Amir.

A villager, who cannot be named for his own protection, said the village was an active recruiting ground for the banned militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba. ‘We know that boy [caught in Mumbai] is from Faridkot,’ he said. ‘We knew from the first night [of the attack]. They brainwash our youth about jihad, there are people who do it in this village. It is so wrong,’ he added.

Now I would like to know One of Most stupid Pakistani security consultant and strategic defense analyst I have ever seen or heard Mr. Zaid Hamid Views on this news and story. Mr. Zaid Hamid was so busy last week on Pakistan national channel giving his crap views about Mumbai attack and blamed that all attack was carried out by Hindu and Jewish Zionist and Pakistan got nothing to do with it, in fact he did told to new channel that Mr.Ajmal Amir kasab is not Muslim but a Hindu guy from India. I desperately need Mr.Hamid views on this story now….hope he won’t run away now……to hide his red face..come on Mr.Hamid let see what else you got say ……


  1. Mr Hamid is a blunt fool. He thought he can mislead the Pakistani public with such inane stories. He even cooked up names such as Amar singh for Amar kasab and Heera lal for his companion. And guess where he claims he got the information from. This one is funny – from Christian and Shudra employess who serve in Indian Military intelligence. How can he cook up something so stupid?? Shudra’s do not exist anymore. So if at all he did get some information of the come he din’t present any proof during his talk show??? Is he really a security consultant and strategic defense analyst or a clown??? He can do a good job in the WWE when Vince Mc Mahon quits.

  2. @ Thomas,

    Thanks for droping in and sharing your views with us, well if pakistan have MR. Hamid type secuirty consultant then I have no doubt that about Terrorist oragnisation are operating in Pakistan. i havent seen so fooled and stupid person on news channel especially in talk show ……

  3. Well, I am too very eagerly looking forward to see what this joker,Hamid has to say now. Will somebody please post it on you tube, if available.. No wonder Pakistan is so developed, it has experts like these!!!

  4. @Fullbrigades

    thanks for droping and shairng your point of view. i am keeping an eye on his views if I get hold on it i will pot it here for sure..hamid is an idiot with no knowledge of security and diplomatic policies…

  5. Where is that Jack Ass, Zaid Hamid now? Only a country like Pakistan can endorse an ill-informed, ill-willed, dilusional looser as this guy to be their expert in anything.
    Just goes to prove the whole country is out to lunch, What a sorry state! For the media personnel: Please take pride in your profession and screen your experts closlely before you put them in front of world….. what a SHAME…

  6. Two hotels, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower and the Oberoi Trident, were amongst the four locations targeted. Six explosions were reported at the Taj hotel and one at the Oberoi Trident.[37][38]
    CNN initially reported on the morning of the 27 November 2008 that the hostage situation at the Taj had been resolved and quoted the police chief of Maharashtra stating that all hostages were freed;[39] however, it was learned later that day that there were still two attackers holding hostages, including foreigners, in the Taj Mahal hotel.[40][40]

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