Communist Party of India (Marxist) Links Mumbai Attacks to India-US Nuclear Deal: Nuclear deal has exposed the country to “further threats”: Sitaram Yechury

Communist Party of India (Marxist) Links Mumbai Attacks to India-US Nuclear Deal: Nuclear deal has exposed the country to “further threats”: Sitaram Yechury

Holy Communist!! No wonders why we are not able to deal with terrorist in proper way…What Mr. Sitaram Yechury is saying that our foreign policies and trade policies should be dictated by terrorist and terror outfit. If we don’t listen to them they will kill us…Right Mr. Sitaram Yechury in a similar way Chinese (Your masters) government killed thousands of Chinese student and pro democracy supporter few years back (The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989). Communist in India is the number one enemy of India. We don’t need your advice and by the way we are united this time so doesn’t try to play games anymore. This entire episode shows how small minded communist leader’s we have in India from CM of Kerala to Mr. Sitaram Yechury.

Sitaram Yechury source Wikipedia

Sitaram Yechury source Wikipedia


What brought the terrorist outfits to our shores? With the Indo-US nuclear deal you are seen as an ally of the US, a strategic partner. There seems to be a total lack of appreciation of this thought from the government’s side,” CPM leader Sitaram Yechury said in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Participating in a debate on Mumbai attacks, he said the nuclear deal has exposed the country to “further threats”.

“The degree of complacency has been such that you did not factor in this new factor. We have been exposed to new dangers due to the Indo-US nuclear deal,” said the Marxist leader whose party broke ties with the government over the deal.


Oh it might be also possible that Mr. Sitaram Yechury is speaking on behalf of his masters living in China, who were trying to block all India request to Ban Let and JUD by UNSC yesterday. Right Mr. Sitaram Yechury…Shame on You and Your communist leader’s …. First your commarad Kerala CM disrespected our brave NSG commando who has given his life for this country and now you are insulting our self-respect and Indian leaders by commenting on something like this and creating more unrest. This clearly shows that CPM and its leader’s have become utterly bankrupt of ideas and can’t find anything to say some thing constructive for India.

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  3. Surely, the Indian communists have no problem with China US deals. These people have a long record of being traitors, and later apologise as a historic mistakes !

  4. Does not surprise me, I heard the Nepal Maoist government allowed safe houses for the Mumbai terrorists.

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