Zaid Hamid one of the most stupid defense Analyst I have ever heard: Pakistan Media continue Taunting Hindu, Jews Zionist and BJP for Mumbai Attack

Zaid Hamid one of the most stupid defense Analyst I have ever heard: Pakistan Media continue Taunting Hindu and Jews Zionist for Mumbai Attack: Zaid Hamid is STUPID!!

So, let me get this straight, Mr.Zaid Haimd so called Defense analyst of Pakistan is saying same thing what he has been saying on all media channels in Pakistan since 1st of December 2008 just after Mumbai attack. He knows that Mumbai attack was carried out by Jews Zionist and Hindu Zionist and Pakistan can crush India in one go if Indian ever tried to do any strategical strikes to clean out their home grown terrorist camps and hideouts. Dream on Mr. Hamid…..

To be honest he is the one of the most stupid person or so called defense analyst I have ever seen or heard. Can’t believe that Pakistan have this sort of analyst who can put whole nation in chaos by issuing all nonsense statements in media. What he is trying to get by issuing statement that Western Nation believes his theory and knows that India terror attack was done by Jews Zionist and Hindu Zionist but not supporting Pakistan for different reasons? I am not able to get it. Does he think whole world is blind and can’t see things from their own eyes? Mr. Zaid Hamid please come out of yours dreams and illusions and accepts the fact and see the world from Humanity ground.

And don’t you ever think that you can crush India, if you have short memory then let me remind you Mr.Zaid hamid… remember Kargil? 1972 Bangladesh war if we lose our passions and then be sure that there will be no Pakistan this time. It will be Baluchistan, Sindhistan and many more like we did in 1972. And by the way do you really thing your Army can really fight when they can’t even flight with bloody Taliban’s and surrender to them like a girl. If you have forgotten then please check below video.

So it would be better if you see the things from Humanity eyes and see how many of your innocents are dying because of your this attitude. Your own home grown terrorists killing your own innocent’s people’s for nothing. So wake up or your attitude will kill your people first.

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  1. You couldnt find a SINGLE logical arguments in this silly post of yours. You sound like another casualty of indian media led defamation spree. “BHAGO HINDUO .. MUSLIM AYE”

    “to be honst he is one the most stupid person” ???? What does that even mean?? whats the criteria??? You what studid is .. when a whole family .. parents siblings chachay mamay stand up and dance vulgarily on “KHAYEE KE PAAN BANARAS WALA”. Nation of singers and dancers talking about stupidity ?? whats next?

    And Kargil .. i feel sorry about you how your media has kept you in dark about kargil ,, pakistanis were right at the top and the body count of indians were going sky high .. but then we had to pull back due to internal politics.. or we wouldve got the rest of kashmir.

    • Duffer now see the reports about Mumbai attack. PIG Paki

  2. Dear Sir

    If you were see the mirror before zaid. so you must be the 1st and now u havn’t feel any complex. anyway now you can see 🙂

  3. Great post about another completely clueless pakistani moron called zaid hamid.

  4. Some more Paki morons writing crap. Hindus, Jews, Americans, Zionists in fact the whole world is trying to destroy Pakistan. I wonder why?! I have heard individual people losing mind but here we have one whole country which has lost mind and is living in denial. Pakistan is getting what it totally deserves. What goes around comes around. Look who is bleeding with million cuts! Such evil intentions will always backfire. Burn in hell you terrorists

    • its bcox of u ppl tat vr sufferin alot…who r realy terrorist v came to know in 2002 or mayb 03…but b4 that v dint know da word even…its u ppl who realy know the true meaning of terrorism n its not since this century buh b4 that n i still remember i saw that movie of urs BADAL i guess in which u ppl exposed the real meaning of terrorists n terrorism…n it clearifies that ppl who tawk abt terrorism are terrorist themselves..loosers see inside ur own self…BBAT KARTA HO TERRORIST KI…u ppl r in state of war with evry country neighbourin u…tu zahir hai pakistanion ko kaisa chor sakta ho…LARRAKI KOM

      • Nonsense, which country are we in a state of war with besides pakistan. Can you name one?
        Obviously due to our size and economic strenght your country is scared shitless and does not know what to do and people like Zaid Hamid are a result of your frustration. Look at your own neighbourhood, Afghans hate, Iranians hate, Baloch hate, Sindhis hate you.
        Don’t even get me started on how the sort of failed state Pakistan is.
        The fact is Pakistani children don;t even have enough to eat and here you are shouting at the top of your voice,
        go and eat grass.

  5. Fuck off all u Jews

  6. Zaid Zaman Hamid is proud of Pakistan. And what can we expect from an Indian about a proud of Pakistan. Saying stupid to some one is not ethical. I think we shouldn’t even answer to these kind of persons. by the way the sun cannot by hide by the finger. So please mr, who ever you are, mind your language and wakeup from your typical hindu mantality. time has changed now. its 21st century. Zaid is a Mujahid. and you need to take a bath before even say some thing about him.

  7. “Zaid is a Mujahid. and you need to take a bath before even say some thing about him.”
    So wht if he is one, he is just an ex terrorist who forgot to whom his thanks are due. If it wasn’t for the very same CIA, USA and ZIONISTS he condemns 2day, he and his MujaSHId buddies would be rotting in hell now. It was they who bankrolled the ressistances agaisnt the USSR. Without US supplied Stinger missiles and a such, The tide would hv turned agiinst the resistance.
    “wakeup from your typical hindu mantality.”
    Why don’t you and the rest of the Muslims wake up from hate all the non-Muslims mentality. Every single time we hear some muslim clerics or somebody influential like politicians painting a bad picture of non-Muslims in t5he eyes of Muslims and you fellows follow the rubbish they say. Suppose a non-Muslim analyst goes on live tv and does the same thing Mr.Zaman does, I am sure Muslims would call him or her a Islamophobe and we will hear tht “Don’t sterotype all muslims as terrorist simply a few Muslims carried out suicide bombings” comment again and we will also hear tht accusations tht the westermn media is out to sully the muslims image.Don’t be a hypocrite if you want Muslim bashing on TV to stop then you must also stop Non_Muslim bashing in the media of the Muslim world.

  8. are katye.teri maa ko chodon suhar ki katyve.india ko bhul gaya1971 jab tumahri namard army ne par pakad liya the saab ji jyada gaand mat maroo.chod do hamne surrender karna hai.humn to bangladesh bana diya.tumne kya ukhad liya pichle 60 salo kashmir aajad karvana tha tumhe to karva liya.maa ke lode kashmir mein par rakh kar dekh.phir batynge.kitne attemt kare bheek mein mile mulk aur daan mein mile weapons par itrana chod do.

  9. zaid hamid is a true muslim and who you are to say such idiotic and ill logical thing about him we Pakistanis trust him totally and we are with him.such articles and propaganda against him cant stop him from his mission.

  10. Goodness, how can someone even think that a Pakistani deserves to be mentioned in any capacity. I mean cmmon, Pakistan is the gutter of the world and pakistanis are nothing more than vermin and dogs. So a dog will bark when it has to because that is its nature. However when that starts biting humans, I don’t need to tell you what needs to be done.
    End of the issue.

  11. Zaid Zaman is not only a stupid but he is also a criminal minded person, his history shows that one time he was terrorism in Afghanistan, on his return to Pakistan he founded a new cult with a man claiming “prophet”, recently this man is identified as a prime suspect in a murder of a Mulla and his family. Infact anyone who is steeped in so much hatred and prejudice is undoubtedly phsycological and pathetically nefarious.

  12. Zaid Hamid has launched crash course “how to be a defense analyst by watching you tube videos in 10 days”

    Join the course for 25 gold asharfies…

  13. Very funny…This should be classified under comedy.

  14. @Zaid Hamid on December 28, 2011 12:25 pm

    This is one of the funniest comment i have ever read 🙂 you made my day as Mr Sir ?? Zaid Hamid (Shit be up on him)

  15. I like Zaid and Tom and Jerry.

  16. Zaid hamid is Shaitan, War mongore, Hater, Stupid, Asshole, madar chood, sala kuttay ki aulad. What he is thinking other countries are sleeping that he will go and conquir them. Zaid Hamid you are stuipd, i dont have to take a bath i want to spit on his face because of him people dont like good muslim people.

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